All MBA students take a core business curriculum, in addition to three concentration-specific courses. CPA Preparation and CFA Preparation students also take a zero-credit review course.

MBA students with business backgrounds may qualify for Advanced Standing waivers from the Gateways Foundation course suite, a one semester, 9-credit set of foundational courses.

The total credit hours for the Innovation MBA program ranges from 30-46 credits, depending on previous experience.

Total: 30-46 Credits

*Course waived for students who completed DECFRM-200 as undergraduate students.

**Qualified students may receive Advanced Standing waivers for these based on prior learning, experience, or demonstrated skills or competencies.

  • Foundations of Economic Analysis**
  • Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting**
  • Financial Management**
  • Operations Management**
  • Management Concepts**
  • Marketing Concepts**
  • Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions**
  • Managing Innovative People & Teams
  • Business Model Innovation*
  • Competitive Technical Intelligence
  • Accounting for Management Decisions
  • Financial Policy and Planning
  • Operations from a Systems Perspective
  • Strategic Insight & Implementation
  • International Business Innovation (abroad) or
    International Economics and Finance
  • [3] Concentration Courses (9-10 credits)
  • Review course (CPA and CFA Preparation only

Our MBA program emphasizes the importance of the global marketplace through a three-dimensional curriculum that pushes you to examine, explore and engage. Examine and explore through diverse coursework, including a course abroad, and engage by working in teams with students in other countries to develop business plans and find solutions to problems in emerging markets.”

D.K. Malhotra, PhD - Professor of Finance; Director of Innovation MBA and M.S. Taxation Program