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Name: Brian George, PhD
  • Program Director
  • Associate Professor
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Ronald Kander, PhD
Professor of Engineering
Dean, Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce Associate Provost for Applied Research
PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
BS, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Phone: 215-951-0252
Research areas: material selection, material characterization, polymer and composite material processing, systems modeling, sustainable natural materials

Brian George, PhD
Associate Professor of Engineering
Director of Engineering Programs
PhD, Fiber & Polymer Science, North Carolina State University
BS, Textile Science, North Carolina State University
Phone: 215-951-2782
Research areas: textile materials, specifically nonwovens; sustainable materials, and hemp.

Ryan Masoodi, PhD
Associate Professor of Engineering
Associate Director of Engineering Graduate Programs
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran
BS, Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture, Amirkabir University of Technology 
                                                 Phone: 215-951-5630
Research areas: wicking, transport in porous media, CFD, composites, heat transfer, textiles insulation, textiles filters.

Muthu Govindaraj, PhD
Professor of Engineering
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic
M.Tech. Textile Engineering, University of Madras, India
B.Tech. Textile Engineering, University of Madras, India
Phone: 215-951-2684
Research interests: flexible materials modeling, haptics, automation and robotics.

Radika Bhaskar, PhD
Assistant Professor of Engineering
PhD Biological Sciences, Stanford University
BS Environmental Engineering, MIT
Phone: 215-951-0456
Research Interests: low-cost sensors and environmental monitoring, sustainable materials, mitigating urban stormwater runoff and pollutants, nature-based solutions

Christopher M. Pastore, PhD, MS
Professor of Transdisciplinary Studies and Engineering
Assistant Provost, Faculty Development: Nexus Learning and Classroom Pedagogy Center for Faculty Development & Nexus Learning
PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, Drexel University
MS Mathematics, Drexel University
                                               BA Mathematics, LaSalle University
                                                  Phone: 215-951-2683
Research Areas: textiles, composites, sustainability, pedagogy

Fernando Tovia, PhD
Associate Professor of Engineering
PhD, Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas
MS, Industrial Engineering, Oklahoma State University
BS, Industrial Engineering, Universidad de las Americas
Phone: 215-951-5652

Adjunct & Staff

  • Jeff Craighead, MSME, PE
    Adjunct Professor
  • Mehrnoosh Damircheli, PhD
    Adjunct Professor
  • Luke Reno, MS
    Engineering Lab Technician