MS in Engineering


Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce


Master of Science


East Falls


On Campus




1.5 - 2 Years


  • Ronald Kander, PhD
    Professor of Engineering
    Dean, Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce Associate Provost for Applied Research
    PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
    BS, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
    Phone: 215-951-0252
    Research areas: material selection, material characterization, polymer and composite material processing, systems modeling, sustainable natural materials
  • Brian George, PhD
    Associate Professor of Engineering
    Director of Engineering Programs
    PhD, Fiber & Polymer Science, North Carolina State University
    BS, Textile Science, North Carolina State University
    Phone: 215-951-2782
    Research areas: textile materials, specifically nonwovens; sustainable materials, and hemp.
  • Ryan Masoodi, PhD, MS
    Associate Professor of Engineering
    Associate Director of Engineering Graduate Programs
    PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran
    BS, Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture, Amirkabir University of Technology
    Research areas: wicking, transport in porous media, CFD, composites, heat transfer, textiles insulation, textiles filters.
  • Muthu Govindaraj, PhD
    Professor of Engineering
    PhD Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic
    M.Tech. Textile Engineering, University of Madras, India
    B.Tech. Textile Engineering, University of Madras, India
    Phone: 215-951-2684
    Research interests: Flexible materials modeling, haptics, automation and robotics.
  • Radika Bhaskar, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Engineering
    PhD Biological Sciences, Stanford University
    BS Environmental Engineering, MIT
    Phone: 215-951-0456
    Research Interests: low-cost sensors and environmental monitoring, sustainable materials, mitigating urban stormwater runoff and pollutants, nature-based solutions
  • Christopher M. Pastore, PhD, MS
    Professor of Transdisciplinary Studies and Engineering
    Assistant Provost, Faculty Development: Nexus Learning and Classroom Pedagogy Center for Faculty Development & Nexus Learning
    PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, Drexel University
    MS Mathematics, Drexel University
    BA Mathematics, LaSalle University
    Phone: 215-951-2683
    Research Areas: textiles, composites, sustainability, pedagogy
  • Fernando Tovia, PhD, MS
    Associate Professor of Engineering
    PhD, Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas
    MS, Industrial Engineering, Oklahoma State University
    BS, Industrial Engineering, Universidad de las Americas
    Phone: 215-951-5652
  • Janet Brady, MS
    Associate Professor