MS in Surface Imaging


  • East Falls Campus
  • Kanbar College of Design Engineering & Commerce

Degree Earned

  • Master of Science

Program Type

  • On Campus

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The Surface Imaging program at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) offers a unique graduate design education by viewing anything and everything as the canvas through the utilization of a variety of printing technologies. By applying painting, drawing, photography and printmaking to advanced design studios and printing practices, you will produce complex and unique surface image projects. You will be able to bring your creativity to life through fabrication printing, including additive material deposition and subtraction printing technologies (enhanced 3D surface and laser printing)—allowing you to produce anything you can imagine. Product development and management skills are enhanced with thorough knowledge and experience in advanced printing technology, applied engineering and an understanding of innovative business systems.

You will gain professional experience while in the program, through research based real-world projects with industry partners that stress critical thinking and problem solving skills through teamwork and collaboration. You will learn from expert faculty in state-of-the-art facilities, like the Center for Excellence of Surface Imaging, which has been supported by international imaging industries, including printer manufactures, ink formulators and software developers.

As part of your coursework, you will have extensive experience working on interdisciplinary projects using advanced technology and design solutions. Upon graduation, you will be prepared to be a leader in the growing imaging industry which includes graphic, architectural, interior, textile, fashion apparel and home industries, as well as all facets in the global imaging industry.