MS in Industrial Design


  • East Falls Campus
  • Kanbar College of Design Engineering & Commerce

Degree Earned

  • Master of Science

Program Type

  • On Campus

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Ranked 7th in the U.S. and 4th in the East by DesignIntelligence, the M.S. in Industrial Design is a professional program based on interdisciplinary project work. In this program, you will learn to design effectively at the collaborative and chaotic “front end” of the product-development process. You will work with product users, researchers, businesspeople, engineers and manufacturers to create products and systems that are better at serving their users, societies and the world at large.

We like busy people, because busy people are ambitious, curious people. Many of our courses are taught in the afternoon and evening, to allow flexible scheduling for students who have outside obligations.

Our Four Areas of Focus

  • Informing design through creative research into user needs.
  • Working closely with business, engineering and other disciplines to design platforms and systems- not just isolated objects.
  • Designing intelligent products for the "internet of things," integrating hardware, software and electronic interactivity.
  • Understanding and designing for global societies.

Our students are smart, curious and diverse, with undergraduate backgrounds as disparate as economics, philosophy, technology education, mechanical engineering and architecture, as well as some with undergraduate ID degrees. International students are warmly welcomed.

The M.S. in Industrial Design will prepare you for entrepreneurial work in the field, or for a position in a corporate design department or design consulting firm.

If you’re currently working in design, this program can help you move from tactics to strategy, going from working on problems you’re given, to finding untapped new opportunities and new clients.