MS in Textile Design


Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce


Master of Science


East Falls


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The graduate program in Textile Design at Thomas Jefferson University can be structured to fit students with any background, including:

  • Those with no prior experience in a design field
  • Those with a BFA or BA in Fine or Studio Arts (without textile experience)
  • Those with an existing degree in textile design including both technical and design aspects

The MS Textile Design curriculum includes an intensive studio sequence, in the student’s chosen platform (knit design, print design, or woven design). These courses are as follows:

  • TXD 615 Design Studio 1A (3 cr)
  • TXD 616 Design Studio 1B (3 cr)
  • TXD 617 Design Studio 1C (3 cr)
  • TXD 742 Design Studio 2A (3 cr)
  • TXD 743 Design Studio 2B (3 cr)
  • TXD 744 Design Studio 2C (3 cr)
  • TXD 772 Design Studio 3A (3 cr)
  • TXD 773 Design Studio 3B (3 cr)
  • TXD 774 Design Studio 3C (2 cr)

The studio sequence is accented with the following courses:

  • TXD 749 Weave Technology II OR TXD 750 Knit Technology II OR TXD 776 Print Technology II (3 cr)
  • TXD 625 Seminar (0 cr)
  • TXD 665 Textile Design Management (3 cr)
  • TXD 777 Advanced CAD (3 cr)
  • Graduate Level Elective (3 cr)
  • TXD 975 Thesis (1 cr)

To review descriptions for each of the above, please see Graduate Course Descriptions at the Graduate Course Descriptions 2022-2023.

The program director will review student portfolios, education levels and experience to determine if foundation courses are required in addition to the programmatic curriculum. For students with prior graduate experience, with program director approval, up to 6 credits may be transferred in from previous graduate level study.