Surface Imaging Non-Degree Graduate Coursework


  • East Falls Campus
  • Kanbar College of Design Engineering & Commerce



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  • Hybrid

Program Length
12 credits

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Name: Hitoshi Ujiie
Position: Director of the Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging
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Surface Imaging

Surface Imaging + Research offers students the opportunity to develop imagery for various physical forms using a variety of printing technologies. Students will explore direct surface imaging on diverse porous and non-porous substrates. Fabrication printing, including material subtraction and deposition printing technologies (laser and 3D printing), has also become a significant part of the discipline.

Surface Imaging Advanced Practice coursework offers a series of short courses related to the specialty digital printing technologies for surface imaging. Each course consists of 1.5 credits, designed to complete in one weekend. All courses are conducted at the Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging, the state-of-the-art advanced specialty digital printing labs at Jefferson

Course structure

All courses are combinations of experiential and theoretical learning to be offered in accelerated 3 day stints during weekends (with option to be offered in the evening hours on the weekdays).

  • MSSIC 500: Surface Imaging Design: Pattern development for decorative print
  • MSSIC 501: Digital Textile Printing (wet and dry processes)
  • MSSIC 502: Hard Surface Digital Printing (2.5 D printing)
  • MSSIC 503: Digital Printing for Flexible Substrates (wallpaper, cling, print/cut)
  • MSSIC 504: Digital Color Management (theory and hands-on)
  • MSSIC 505: Printing Technology (Online lecture)

(Future course offering)

  • MSSIC 5XX: 3 D printing basics
  • MSSIC 5XX: Direct to Garment printing