Surface Imaging Non-Degree Graduate Coursework


  • East Falls Campus
  • Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce



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  • Hybrid

Program Length

12 credits

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Name: Hitoshi Ujiie
Position: Director of the Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging
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Course Descriptions

The course consists of theory and practice for digitally printing imageries on textile substrates for wet and dry processing (natural and synthetic fibers). It includes (1) understanding of matrix of fibers and colorants (2) printing requirements and (3) pre and post treatments.

Through a series of theories and experiential practices, students will learn to develop the printed products on rigid hard surface substrates with UV cured flatbed digital printing systems. In addition to printing direct colorations with coloring the images, the course also focuses on 2.5 dimensional printing (fundamental of additive printing practice) to introduce printed physical textures to the substrates.

Lecture and experiential practice course focuses on development of printed products for roll to roll flexible substrates, including organic and inorganic films, cling films, paper etc. with Eco Solvent, UV and Latex printing systems. This course will allow students to understand the potential and limitations of digital printing on flexible substrates through direct printing, second surface printing, lamination, and print / cut (decals) mechanism.

The course will introduce a range of essential skills of color management through lectures and practices.  It covers theory of digital color management, calibration, generating ICC color, profiles for the workflow across different devices.

This is an online lecture course that focuses on the principles, techniques and chemical processes involved with printing technologies. This course covers printing mechanisms, chemistry, coloration systems and styles for impact, non-impact, additive and subtractive printing. Media preparation, post treatment (fixation) and industrial testing standards are also examined. At the same time, the course also introduces the principal of surface Imaging supply chains that includes design, manufacturing, marketing and product distribution.

This course covers the basic principles of decorative design processes (repeated pattern development and work­flow) and design research methodologies for Surface Imaging. A series of short design projects are introduced with Adobe suites to enhance conceptual, technical and skill development towards surface imaging design.

This course will introduce a range of specialist printing technologies on textile substrates with flatbed screen printing for Surface Imaging. Through lectures and practices, the course covers theory, chemistry, process, and workflow related to the specialist printing.

This course covers the design process and workflow to develop pattern design for surface imaging from research and ideation to finished pattern design collections. A series of small design exercises and projects, combining with technical process and aesthetic development, are introduced throughout the semester to develop variety of pattern designs on porous, non-porous, flexible and rigid substrates.

Course Fees

  • $2000 ($1845 per 1.5 cr + $155 lab and materials fee)

Course Schedule for 2023-24

Summer 2023    
June 6/16-18 MSSI 502: Hard Surface Digital Printing
July 7/14-7/16 MSSI 503: Digital Printing for Flexible Substrates 
August 8/4-8/6 MSSI 504: Color Management (only for industry)
Fall 2023    
September (Online) MSSI 505: Printing Technology 
October 10/13-10/15 MSSI 502: Hard Surface Digital Printing
November 11/10-11/12 MSSI 501: Digital Textile Printing
December 12/15-12/17 MSSI 504: Color Managament (only for industry)
Spring 2024    
January (Online) MSSI 505: Printing Technology 
February 2/9-2/11 MSSI 503: Digital Printing for Flexible Substrates
March 3/1-3/3 MSSI 510: Specialist Printing (Screen Printing)
April 4/12-4/14 MSSI 501: Digital Textile Printing
Summer 2024    
June 6/14-16 MSSI 501: Digital Textile Printing
July 7/12-7/14 MSSI 503: Digital Printing for Flexible Substrates 
August 8/2-8/4 MSSI 504: Color Management (only for industry)