BS in Textile Product Science


Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce


Bachelor of Science


East Falls


On Campus


130 - 133


4 Years

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Name: Marcia L. Weiss
Position: Director, Textile Design Program & Associate Professor
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Name: Brian George, PhD
Position: Engineering Program Director & Associate Professor
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The Bachelor of Science in Textile Product Science (TPS) prepares students to work in a global industry that includes fiber-engineered products for medical, geotextiles, architecture, fiber-reinforces composites and traditional apparel and home-furnishing applications. TPS program is comprised of thirteen (13) core textile courses, which delineate all TPS majors. The true interdisciplinary nature of Textile Product Science is realized in the student’s ability to select advanced work in one of the three, 9-course specializations.

Another dimension of the program will be to educate and graduate fully integrated individuals who possess the technical and social competence and confidence to succeed in professional practice and advanced education, be lifelong learners and exercise responsible stewardship.