Entry-Level Nurse Anesthesia DNP Program


  • Center City Campus
  • Abington-Dixon
  • College of Nursing

Degree Earned

  • Doctorate

Program Length

36 Months

Program Type

  • On Campus


Active RN Licensure
GPA 3.2
Science Coursework:
GPA 3.0

Program Overview

Jefferson’s fully-accredited Entry-Level Nurse Anesthesia DNP program prepares nurses to provide anesthesia care during surgical and obstetrical procedures, and to provide pain relief in hospitals of all sizes.

Students in this 36-month, nine-semester program take 92 credits.  Its full-time curriculum integrates didactic coursework with over 2,000 hours of clinical practice hours, ensuring that students will administer more than 600 anesthetics to patients undergoing a wide variety of surgical and/or diagnostic procedures.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a practice doctorate designed to prepare professional nurses for scholarly practice as clinical and health systems experts who will lead and inspire health care improvement and reform.

  • Focuses on leadership, systems thinking, reflective practice, health policy, implementation science and evidenced-based clinical practice
  • Includes three practica that comprise the doctoral practice inquiry project and provide the opportunity for application of knowledge gained in all the courses.

Application Process & Deadlines

AUGUST 1 - Application Opens
DECEMBER 15 - Priority Deadline
FEBRUARY 15 - Final Deadline

Application Instructions


Our innovative curriculum provides students the opportunity to develop clinical practice skills in one of the most prominent healthcare systems in the country. 

Coursework by Year/Semester

Fall Semester Credits
NU 560 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics 3
NU 603 Research for Advanced Practice Nursing I 3
NU 624 Chemistry and Physics Related to Anesthesia 2
NU 625 Epidemiology for the Health Professions 3
NU 706 Quality Measurement and Outcomes Analysis in Healthcare
(40 hours)
Spring Semester Credits
NU 673 Comprehensive Assessment for Clinical Decision-Making 3
NU 570 Pathophysiology of Human Disease 3
NU 568 Basic Principles of Anesthesia and Advanced Health 3
NU 600 Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics of Anesthesia Agents 3
NU 650 Orientation to Clinical Practice NC
Summer Semester Credits
NU 575 Pathologic Aspects of Disease II 3
NU 658 Advanced Principles of Anesthesia 3
NU 651 Clinical Practice I 3
NU 707 Leadership and Interprofessional Collaboration (40 hours)  3

Fall Semester Credits
NU 668 Advanced Principles of Anesthesia II 3
NU 652 Clinical Practice II 3
NU 702 Practice Inquiry: Designs, Methods, and Analyses (40 hours 3
Spring Semester Credits
NU 605 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse 3
NU 653 Clinical Practice III 3
NU 703 Theoretical Foundations for Organizational Change in Healthcare Systems (40 hours) 3
NU 704 Philosophy, Foundations, and Methods for Evidence-Based Practice (40 hours) 3
Summer Semester Credits
NU 654 Clinical Practice IV 3
NU 701 Scientific Underpinnings for Nursing Practice (40 hours) 3
NU 708 Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving the Nation’s Health (40 hours) 3

Fall Semester Credits
NU 655 Clinical Practice V 3
NU 709 Current Issues in Health and Social Policy: Planning, Participating, and Policymaking (40 hours) 3
NU 710 Practicum I (60 hours) 3
Spring Semester Credits
NU 656 Clinical Practice VI 3
NU 705 Advanced Topics in Health Informatics (40 hours) 3
NU 711 Practicum II (60 hours) 3
Summer Semester Credits
NU 657 Clinical Practice VII 3
NU 712 Practicum III (60 hours) 3
Program Total 92

About Our Entry-level Anesthesia DNP Program

  • Accredited by:
    Council on Accreditation (COA) of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs
    222 South Prospect Avenue, Park Ridge, IL  60068-4001
    847-655-1160 |  847-728-8128 fax
  • Accreditation status: Continued Accreditation 2019
  • Specific academic program covered by the accreditation status:
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice (Entry Level)
    • Master of Science in Nursing (Entry Level)
  • Attrition for the most recent graduating class: 3.9%
  • Employment of graduates within six months of graduation: 100%
  • Certification examination pass rate for first time takers: MSN 2018 84% pass rate