Entry-Level Nurse Anesthesia DNP Program


  • Center City Campus
  • Dixon Campus
  • College of Nursing

Degree Earned

  • Doctorate

Program Length

36 Months

Program Type

  • On Campus


Active RN Licensure
GPA 3.2
Science Coursework:
GPA 3.0

Jefferson’s Entry-Level Nurse Anesthesia DNP, fully accredited through 2029, prepares nurses to provide anesthesia care during surgical and obstetrical procedures, and to provide pain relief in hospitals of all sizes.

Students in this 36-month, nine-semester program take 92 credits.  Its full-time curriculum integrates didactic coursework with over 2,000 hours of clinical practice hours, ensuring that students will administer more than 600 anesthetics to patients undergoing a wide variety of surgical and/or diagnostic procedures.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a practice doctorate designed to prepare professional nurses for scholarly practice as clinical and health systems experts who will lead and inspire health care improvement and reform.

  • Focuses on leadership, systems thinking, reflective practice, health policy, implementation science and evidenced-based clinical practice
  • Includes three practica that comprise the doctoral practice inquiry project and provide the opportunity for application of knowledge gained in all the courses.

Application Process & Deadlines

AUGUST 1 - Application Opens
DECEMBER 15 - Priority Deadline
FEBRUARY 15 - Final Deadline

Application Instructions


Our innovative curriculum provides students the opportunity to develop clinical practice skills in one of the most prominent healthcare systems in the country. 

Coursework by Year/Semester

Fall Semester Credits
NU 560 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics 3
NU 603 Research for Advanced Practice Nursing I 3
NU 624 Chemistry and Physics Related to Anesthesia 2
NU 625 Epidemiology for the Health Professions 3
NU 706 Quality Measurement and Outcomes Analysis in Healthcare
(40 hours)
Spring Semester Credits
NU 673 Comprehensive Assessment for Clinical Decision-Making 3
NU 570 Pathophysiology of Human Disease 3
NU 568 Basic Principles of Anesthesia and Advanced Health 3
NU 600 Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics of Anesthesia Agents 3
NU 650 Orientation to Clinical Practice NC
Summer Semester Credits
NU 575 Pathologic Aspects of Disease II 3
NU 658 Advanced Principles of Anesthesia 3
NU 651 Clinical Practice I 3
NU 707 Leadership and Interprofessional Collaboration (40 hours)  3

Fall Semester Credits
NU 668 Advanced Principles of Anesthesia II 3
NU 652 Clinical Practice II 3
NU 702 Practice Inquiry: Designs, Methods, and Analyses (40 hours 3
Spring Semester Credits
NU 605 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse 3
NU 653 Clinical Practice III 3
NU 703 Theoretical Foundations for Organizational Change in Healthcare Systems (40 hours) 3
NU 704 Philosophy, Foundations, and Methods for Evidence-Based Practice (40 hours) 3
Summer Semester Credits
NU 654 Clinical Practice IV 3
NU 701 Scientific Underpinnings for Nursing Practice (40 hours) 3
NU 708 Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving the Nation’s Health (40 hours) 3

Fall Semester Credits
NU 655 Clinical Practice V 3
NU 709 Current Issues in Health and Social Policy: Planning, Participating, and Policymaking (40 hours) 3
NU 710 Practicum I (60 hours) 3
Spring Semester Credits
NU 656 Clinical Practice VI 3
NU 705 Advanced Topics in Health Informatics (40 hours) 3
NU 711 Practicum II (60 hours) 3
Summer Semester Credits
NU 657 Clinical Practice VII 3
NU 712 Practicum III (60 hours) 3
Program Total 92

About Our Entry-level Anesthesia DNP Program

  • Accredited by:
    Council on Accreditation (COA) of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs
    222 South Prospect Avenue, Park Ridge, IL  60068-4001
    847-655-1160 |  847-728-8128 fax
  • Accreditation status: Continued Accreditation 2029
  • Specific academic program covered by the accreditation status:
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice (Entry Level)
  • Attrition for the most recent graduating class: 3.9%
  • Employment of graduates within six months of graduation: 100%
  • Certification examination pass rate for first time takers: MSN 2019 84% pass rate

Program Performance Data

Graduate Year Cohort
Attrition Rate

Employment Rate
(within 6 months of completion)


NCE First-time Taker
Pass Rate
Overall NCE Pass Rate
for Graduation Year
2018 3.9% 100% 84% 100%
2019 3.9% 96% 56% 96%