DNP - Clinical Practice (Post-Master's Entry)


College of Nursing


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Center City






2 - 5 Years

Program Overview

The DNP—Clinical Practice (Post MSN) program is a 36-credit, 2-5 year traditional track for graduates of the MSN program. The College of Nursing offers full and part-time plans of study to help students select the right option for them.

DNP Program Outcomes

  • Synthesize knowledge from ethics and the biophysical, psychosocial, analytical, and organizational sciences into the conceptual foundation of advanced nursing practice at the doctoral level. (Essential I)
  • Employ organizational and systems-level leadership principles in the development and evaluation of care delivery approaches that meet the current and future needs of communities and populations. (Essential II)
  • Design, direct and evaluate scholarly inquiries that incorporate evidence appraisal, research translation, and standards of care to improve practice and the practice environment. (Essential III)
  • Analyze ethical and legal issues in the use of information, information technology, communication networks, and patient care technologies used to support safe, high-quality patient care. (Essentials II, IV)
  • Influence policy makers through active participation on committees, boards, or task forces at the institutional, local, state, regional, national, and/or international levels to improve health care delivery and outcomes. (Essential V)
  • Integrate skills of effective communication, collaboration, shared decision-making, and leadership with interprofessional teams to create change in health care. (Essential VI)


Core Curriculum Credits
NU 702 Practice Inquiry: Designs, Methods & Analyses 3
NU 704 Philosophy, Foundations, and Methods for Evidence-Based Practice 3
NU 713 Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Trends and Opportunities 3
NU 714  Healthcare Systems Safety, Quality, and Improvement Science 3
NU 715 Leading Strategic Change in an Era of Healthcare Transformation 3
NU 716 Perspectives in Community Engagement and Population Health 3
NU 717 Health and Social Policy 3
NU 718 Introduction to DNP Studies and the Scholarly Project 1
Doctoral Elective N/A 3
Practicum Sequence Credits
NU 719 DNP Scholarly Project and Practicum Seminar I 4
NU 720 DNP Scholarly Project and Practicum Seminar II 3

Core Curriculum Credits
NU 701 Scientific Underpinnings for Nursing Practice 3
NU 702 Practice Inquiry: Designs, Methods and Analyses 3
NU 703 Theoretical Foundations for Organizational Change in Healthcare Systems 3
NU 704  Philosophy, Foundations, and Methods for Evidence-Based Practice 3
NU 705 Advanced Topics in Health Informatics 3
NU 706 Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety 3
NU 707 Leadership and Inter-Professional Collaboration 3
NU 708 Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving the Nation’s Health 3
NU 709 Current Issues in Health and Social Policy: Planning, Participating and Policy Making 3
Practicum Sequence Credits
NU 710 Practicum I 3
NU 711 Practicum II 3
NU 712 Practicum III 3