Coaching in Context

Recent/Latest Developments in Coaching

Study: Coaching in Context with Clients with Spinal Cord Injury (April 2021)

For an introduction to using coaching as part of your adult neuro-rehabilitation practice, read the recently published article written by Jefferson OT students and faculty titled: Preliminary examination of Coaching in Context with clients with spinal cord injury. The study found that participants performance and satisfaction on the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure improved by 2.55 (SD = 2.25) and 4/27 (SD =2/41) respectively. The article also described briefly the approach called Coaching in Context.

Jefferson Digital Commons: Intensive, Three-Month Coaching Training and Practicum in OT Fieldwork (April 2021)

“I could really use that!” These simple words capture the thoughts of Jefferson OT students who participated in a 3-month intensive coaching training and practicum as part of the fieldwork. OT fieldwork students explain that coaching required a mind shift compared to traditional OT practice, but that the skills they learn through coaching will be useful in any future practice setting. To learn more about the results of this study, view the presentation of Dr. Santos and West via the link below (stay tuned for the soon to be published study).

Postsecondary Education Students with Disabilities’ Perceptions of Occupational Therapy-Led Coaching (Spring 2021)

Have you wondered how you could better foster success for college students with disabilities? This recently published article, written by Jefferson’s faculty and students, described college students’ perception of the use of coaching to support their degree attainment. “Students with disabilities perceived that the OT-led coaching intervention was beneficial and identified aspects of the intervention that were most useful to them, including the emotional and material support.”

Newest Tools for Telehealth Coaching

Are you suddenly, or maybe for many months now providing virtual services and wondering how to foster progress in this medium? Have you been looking for new tools to enhance your telehealth practice? Coaching is an evidence-based practice that is well-suited for telehealth across population and settings. These two recently published articles describe the value of coaching as a telehealth practice: