Center for Outcomes & Measurement

Coaching in Context Advanced Practice Certificate

Designed for inter-disciplinary professionals with a desire to use coaching within their practice. 

Life Care Planning Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate is designed for inter-disciplinary professionals who have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree seeking to develop or contribute to Life Care Plans or pursue board-certified Life Care Planning designation.

Coaching in Context as Tool for School-based Practice

The role of coaching within school-base practice is explained by using the basic elements of coaching to engage colleagues, students and parents.

Coaching in Context is a goal-focused problem-solving approach that healthcare, human service and education professionals use to foster clients (patients, students, caregivers) achievement of self-identified goals. The coach facilitates their clients in identifying and solving barriers to accomplishing these goals to enhance performance in life roles.

GOALS2 is a free program designed to help college students meet their academic goals. Through supportive conversation, students identify strategies that they can implement to achieve these goals. GOALS2 services are primarily available to Jefferson students with disabilities or other health conditions that may interfere with academic success.

Lists of faculty, staff and students' projects related to coaching are provided.

Jefferson faculty are trained coaches with specific knowledge in positive psychology coaching principles and a distinct skill-set for using coaching in context in practice across populations and settings.

Additional Center Education Opportunities

More educational opportunities to come. Advanced Practice Graduate Certificates and other offerings are in development. If you would like to receive information as they become available, please provide us with your name and contact information.