Center for Outcomes & Measurement

Core Functions & Services

  • Provide education and training in measurement methodologies and outcome measures for evaluating outcomes for individual clients, programs, and research interventions
  • Develop and validate contemporary and precise measurement methods and outcome instruments to address measurement gaps in rehabilitation research and practice
  • Provide consultation to students, faculty, and investigators on measurement and outcomes instruments
  • Build capacity for outcomes measurement and evaluation in human services organizations
  • Support sponsors of clinical trials and investigators of outcomes studies with selection of clinical trial outcome measures
  • Train investigators and clinical trial sites in the administration and scoring of outcome measures; establish competency and agreement among raters
  • Examine the efficacy and effectiveness of physical and behavioral rehabilitation strategies and technologies using psychometrically sound and relevant measurement tools
  • Develop and validate fidelity measures for interventions
  • Develop and implement methodological procedures to validate the life care plan as an accurate methodology  for estimating lifetime costs of persons living with chronic health conditions