Center for Outcomes & Measurement

Learn About Coaching in Context

Coaching is not part of the entry-level curriculum for most health, human services and education professions. Professional interested in harnessing the power of coaching withing their workplace must acquire specific training. The Center for Outcomes and Measurement and Thomas Jefferson University offers a variety of opportunities for professionals to learn about coaching in a manner that is tailored to meet the need of busy professionals.

Coaching in Context Advanced Practice Certificate

The Coaching in Context Advanced Practice Certificate (APC) is designed for inter-disciplinary professionals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a desire to use coaching as an approach within their practice. The APC curriculum is based on core coaching principles articulated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and guided by the tenets of positive psychology.  

Professional Development

A variety of professional development opportunities for you to learn about Coaching in Context. These free and cost-based workshops vary in duration and focus from introductory to more advanced.