Jefferson College of Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Speech Language Pathology

The purpose of Clinical Practicum is to provide students with the opportunity to integrate academic content and experiential learning. Students apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained in the academic setting to the active delivery of services. Supervised clinical experience is integral to the educational process and professional preparation. Over the course of a Clinical Practicum, students will experience a range of age groups, diagnostic categories, and environments.

Students in the Jefferson MS-SLP program complete four semester-long Clinical Practicum placements. These placements vary in location, setting, and population. Students learn how to apply clinical methodology and problem-solving skills developed through their coursework in hands-on practice with supervising speech-language pathologists working in the community. Clinical Practicum provides students with clinical opportunities to practice skills and professional reasoning, evaluate career interests, and make the important transition from learning to practice. During their experiences, students provide direct therapy services across the areas of speech, language, cognition, and swallowing to individuals at their practicum sites while developing evaluation and intervention skills in collaboration with their supervisors. 

Types of practicum settings include (but are not limited to):

  • Acute care
  • Assistive technology
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Telepractice
  • Community Hospitals (inpatient, outpatient)
  • Rehabilitation hospitals/units
  • Home Health
  • Early Intervention (home-based, center-based)
  • Public & Private Schools
  • Specialized Schools
  • Pediatric Hospitals
  • Outpatient Centers
  • Voice Clinics
  • Intermediate Units
  • Private Practice

Some specific locations students have been assigned for practicum include Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Magee Rehabilitation, Einstein Hospital, Moss Rehabilitation, Overbrook School for the Blind, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Nemour’s Children’s Hospital, Promedica Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, YALE School, George Crothers Memorial School, Easter Seals, Philadelphia School District, Taylor Hospital, Ivy Rehab, and Pediatric Specialty Care. 

Student Testimonials

Sarah B, Class of 2023

“I feel like I am really starting to see how each of my clinical experiences are building upon one another, even though they have all been very different. Without my previous experiences, I do not think my clinical writing and decision-making would be as strong as they need to be to function in my current placement at Einstein. This placement in acute care has been my most challenging yet, but it has been the most rewarding so far. I am continually exposed to very complex patients that test the skills I am still developing and force me to think on my feet. Each day is so different but brings its own challenges that are helping me become a better clinician.”  

Erika R, Class of 2023

“My clinical experience so far has reassured me that I am in the right place. With the support of my supervisors and colleagues, I have found that clinical is where I can have the most opportunity for growth on a daily basis. In my summer placement at an outpatient rehab for adults, I had several patients write letters to thank me for helping them with their communication goals. As a student, I didn’t expect to make such a difference in someone’s life, but this experience showed me how important our job can truly be. It made me even more excited to continue graduate school and become a Speech-Language Pathologist, where I can encounter many more clients such as those I had this summer.”