Jefferson Elder Care

Our Services

Jefferson Elder Care offers clinical services, consultation and professional training in the areas of memory loss, and intellectual disability and dementia.

Memory Loss

Seniors who have memory loss, Alzheimer's disease or other dementias may experience confusion, trouble planning and organizing, and changes in personality and behavior. Memory loss impacts a senior’s quality of life, affecting their safety and ability to participate in and enjoy daily activities.

Intellectual Disability & Dementia

Seniors who have intellectual disability and dementia typically exhibit personality and behavior changes prior to memory loss and forgetfulness. These symptoms often progress rapidly, which impacts their quality of life, safety and ability to participate in and enjoy daily activities.

Clinical & Consultation Services

Caring for individuals with dementia can be difficult. Skills2Care® is a program to help caregivers manage more effectively. In this program, a Skills2Care occupational therapist (OT) visits the home of the person with dementia to learn about care challenges and evaluate the home environment. The OT then develops and helps implement a set of strategies that are customized to address the unique needs of each individual.

Occupational Therapists help:

  • Manage challenging behaviors such as wandering or refusing help
  • Make the home a safer environment
  • Reduce caregiver stress
  • Engage individuals in meaningful activities

Home Safety Assessment

Home safety is an important component in fall prevention. An OT will assess the home and make safety recommendations to reduce fall hazards such as:

  • Appropriate bathroom equipment to ensure safety and ease of function when bathing or showering
  • Placement of furniture and objects in order to promote a sense of security and so the individual has easy access to areas that are safe
  • Safe storage of medications and other potentially harmful items so they are not used inappropriately
  • Proper lighting and accessible passageways inside and outside of the home in order to promote safe mobility
  • Location and storage of daily items (e.g., clothes, kitchen utensils) to promote safe and easy retrieval and use

Agency Consultation

Assisting individuals who demonstrate dementia symptoms or behavior can be challenging. Jefferson Elder Care Agency Consultation helps agency personnel by providing them with specialized knowledge and skills that can improve the quality of care.

Agency Consultation Helps Agencies:

  • Develop, implement and evaluate programs that support individuals with dementia
  • Assess environmental features that trigger dementia-related behaviors
  • Evaluate factors that impact the safety of individuals who have dementia
  • Enhance the effectiveness and safety of caregivers who participate in activities with seniors who are suffering from dementia