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Department: c/o Department of Family & Community Medicine

1015 Walnut Street
Curtis Building, Suite 401
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Contact Number(s):

Please note that the mailing address provided above is solely intended for administrative purposes. The office is not staffed with JeffHOPE personnel and no patient records are kept onsite.

Steering Committees

JeffHOPE supports five weekly clinics in the Philadelphia area. In order to keep these clinics running, we rely on substantial commitment from the SKMC student body. Committee members are assigned to a clinic and then to a steering committee whose responsibilities they will perform at their clinic. Some of our positions require a standing weekly commitment while other positions perform behind-the-scenes work with a flexible schedule and attend clinic every other week.  

All current first-year medical students at Sidney Kimmel Medical College interested in contributing to JeffHOPE are encouraged to apply for a committee member position. Students do not need to have previously volunteered at JeffHOPE to apply.

Please read below for more detailed descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of every Steering Committee:

Advocacy (ADVO)

Advocates attend their assigned clinic each week to help patients obtain services outside the scope of a medical visit. Advocates most commonly will assist in applying for insurance, refer patients to a PCP/facilitate followup with an existing PCP, complete referrals for specialist care, counsel patients on community resources, and overall empower patients with the tools and knowledge of resources to be self-efficacious. At certain clinics, it is the job of the advocate to triage patient visits.  The advocates oversee the JeffHOPE supply drive and disseminate supplies such as toothbrushes, soap, shampoo to shelter staff for the residents. Advocates are also responsible for maintaining and updating the community resource guide.

Clinical Coordinators (CC)

Clinic Coordinators are three students in their first and/or second year of medical school responsible for scheduling upper and lower year medical students and preceptors for all 5 JeffHOPE clinics each week. One coordinator is responsible for scheduling volunteers by email and ensures all open spots are filled for each clinic. Clinic Coordinators also make presentations before 1st and 2nd year lectures and 3rd and 4th year clinical clerkship orientations to recruit and train volunteers.

Each of our Clinic Coordinator also simultaneously hold committee member positions at one of our clinic sites, where they may perform advocacy visits, patient education, and/or STI testing and procedures.

The position is largely behind-the-scenes and involves lots of emailing and phone conversations to ensure all of our clinics are fully staffed and operational each week!

Education (EDU)

Education committee members attend their assigned clinic each week. They meet one on one with patients and conduct health education sessions on a variety of health topics including smoking cessation, nutrition, mental health management, skin condition education, birth control counseling, pregnancy counseling, and chronic disease management. Education committee members are alsotrained on health topics relevant to their specific clinics. Each education committee member is encouraged to develop an education project at their site under the guidance of the education director. Committee members will receive training in motivational interviewing skills and patient-centered care to help patients achieve their health goals.

Kids Committee (KIDS)

Kids committee members are assigned to one of our two women and children’s shelters, Eliza Shirley and ACTS. Committee members are responsible for supervising and supporting the children at the shelter during weekly JeffHOPE visits. Committee members provide the children with a safe environment for play and educational programming. They also organize seasonal holiday parties and gifts drives for the shelters’ children.

Pharmacy (PHARM)

Pharmacy committee members attend their assigned clinic each week. They are in charge of dispensing and organizing medications at their clinic under the supervision of the medical preceptor. Often they see patients on their own and work collaboratively with fellow committee members to meet acute medical needs of their patients. They are also responsible for tracking inventory and organizing the medication supply in the JeffHOPE office.

Publicity & Finance Committee (PF)

This committee is responsible for creatively raising awareness and increasing financial support for JeffHOPE through planning and executing fundraisers and publicity events highlighting JeffHOPE's mission and achievements within the community. The P&F committee is responsible for all financial activities of JeffHOPE including overseeing the budget, placing orders, and maintaining inventory for efficient resource management. Additionally, P&F organizes and runs the annual JeffHOPE ball, the largest fundraising event of the year attended by over 500 students and faculty members.

Each of our publicity and finance committee members also simultaneously hold a committee member position at one of our clinic sites, where they attend clinic weekly or biweekly and serve as triagers, kids committee members, or any other role.

Screening & Procedures (PROC)

Screening and procedures committee members attend their assigned clinic each week and have the responsibility of performing blood draws, vaccinations, wound care, and other therapeutic and diagnostic procedures at our clinics. Members are also responsible for counseling patients as needed as it relates to the procedures they are performing. They are appropriately trained and guided by the steering committee director. Outside of clinic, members are responsible for obtaining supplies and returning samples to the lab.

Triage (TRI)

Triagers attend their assigned clinic each week and are typically the first point of contact for patients as they present to clinic. They talk to patients about their concerns and determine what resources the clinic can provide them. Triagers then room the patients and coordinate the visits with their fellow committee members to ensure smooth and efficient clinic flow. 

Quality Improvement (QI)

The QI committee is responsible for investigating clinic processes with the goal of improving efficiency, satisfaction, and outcomes for our patients. In addition to facilitating organization-wide QI efforts, committee members are encouraged to develop their own questions pertaining to personal areas of interest. QI committee members will be responsible for maintaining specific project and clinic data in REDcap. Additionally, QI committee members will have the opportunity to work closely with clinic directors in implementing Plan, Do, Studredy, Act (PDSA) cycles in order to improve gaps in care and services.