Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Department of Integrative Medicine & Nutritional Sciences

Transforming Healthcare

The Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences is the first academic department of its kind in academic medicine. While other medical colleges offer courses in integrative medicine, Sidney Kimmel Medical College has formalized the teaching of integrative medicine alongside other medical departments.

Our curriculum focuses on a scientific approach to health and healing that enhances conventional medicine with a broader range of treatment options. Everything we teach is focused on improving each patient’s experience and outcome. Our clinical faculty practice as part of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health. In addition to teaching and supporting patients, our faculty engages in research to extend knowledge within the field.


Nation’s First Academic Department of Integrative Medicine

Featuring a novel curriculum, we will focus on the clinical applications of integrative medicine with an emphasis on functional biochemistry, nutrient-based therapies, mind-body neuroscience, novel mechanisms of healing and emerging therapies.

Annual Conferences

Every year, the Marcus Institute plans conferences to meet, collaborate, share ideas and the latest advances with health professionals from all areas — including the Advances in Mind-Body Medicine Annual Conference and Advances in Integrative Nutrition Annual Conference. Learn more about the conferences and registration information via the link below: