Division of Hematology

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Name: Andrew Nasca
Position: Program Coordinator, Hematology/Oncology Fellowship
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  • Director, Division of Hematology
  • Director, Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research
  • Director, Hereditary Anemias Program
  • Associate Director, Hemophilia Center
  • Professor of Medicine
Organization: Department of Medicine


Name: Division of Hematology

1020 Locust Street
394 Jefferson Alumni Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Hematology/ Medical Oncology Fellowship

The Division of Hematology co-directs the joint Hematology/Medical Oncology Fellowship Program with the Department of Medical Oncology. We are proud of our long history of training outstanding Hematologists who currently practice and hold academic positions all over the world. Few Hematology training programs entail the breadth of training provided at Thomas Jefferson University. Our Hematology Division:

  • Runs a Hemophilia/Thrombosis Center
  • Runs an Heritable Anemias Program, including an adult Sickle Cell Center
  • Treats patients with all other non-malignant hematological conditions including myeloproliferative and platelet disorders
  • Runs the Special Coagulation Laboratory for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Fellows also have exposure to three full-time clinician-educators and two clinician-scientist faculty members with primary interests in anemias, hemostasis and thrombosis. Our faculty also provide a broad array of basic and clinical research opportunities.

Weekly Hematology conferences include:

  • Hematology-Oncology Journal Club, Monday 12pm, Curtis 903
  • Hematology Grand Rounds, Tuesday 12pm, Curtis 903
  • Hematology Morphology and Case Presentations, Wednesday 7:45am, Curtis 903
  • Hematology Research Seminar, 1st and 3rd Wednesday 12pm, Curtis 903

Training of Post-Doctoral Fellows & Graduate Students

Cardeza faculty members play major roles in MS, PhD, and MD/PhD student education. Most faculty members hold either secondary appointments in basic science departments and/or membership in graduate groups.

For open positions, please contact our administrative assistant, Pamela Scruci or contact the Jefferson College of Life Sciences.