Seminars & Meetings

Departments of Microbiology & Immunology
& Neurology Joint Seminar Series

The following seminars are conducted weekly, Thursdays, from 12pm-1pm.
All seminars will be IN-PERSON, unless otherwise noted.  The locations of the seminars are listed in their respective table.

NOTE: All faculty are with the Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC) at Thomas Jefferson University, unless otherwise noted.

  11/16/2023 Faculty

Dr. Sangwon Kim

Mechanisms of barrier regulation in the large intestine

Location:  Bluemle, Room 107

  11/23/2023 CANCELLED Thanksgiving Holiday CANCELLED
  11/30/2023 Faculty

Dr. Anjali Mishra

Targeting Growth Dependencies and Vulnerabilities in Mature T-cell Neoplasms

Location:  Bluemle, Room 107

  12/7/2023 Guest Speaker

Paul M. Lieberman, Ph.D - The Wistar Institute - Director, Center for Chemical Biology & Translational Medicine

Host:  Dr. Silva Markovic-Plese

Targeting Epstein-Barr Virus Latency in Cancer and Autoimmunity

Location:  Bluemle, Room 107

  12/14/2023 Guest Speaker

Dr. De'Broski Herbert - Professor of Pathobiology, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Host:  Samita Kafle & Gerald O'Connor

Itch elicits immunity through myeloid IL-33

Location:  Bluemle, Room 107

  12/21/2023 Guest Speaker

Dr. Christopher Hunter - Professor of Pathobiology, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Host:  Dr. Bogoljub Ciric

From parasites to mRNA vaccines - the impact of IL-27 on T cell responses

Location:  Bluemle, Room 105/107

  12/28/2023 CANCELLED Christmas Holiday CANCELLED
  1/4/2024 Research in Progress

Christine Linton/Dr. Brian Montoya

Labs:  Dr. Paument & Dr. Sigal

Investigating Bacterial Membrane Fusion: IncA-mediated membrane fusion in Chlamydia trachomatis infection

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  1/11/2024 Research in Progress

Kristen Bricker/

Labs:  Dr. Rahman & 

miR-21 promotes systemic autoimmunity by regulating B cell inflammatory signaling and metabolism

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  1/18/2024 Faculty

Dr. Ziaur Rahman

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  1/25/2024 Research in Progress

Gerald O'Connor & Samita Kafle

Labs:  Dr. Kim & Dr. Sigal

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  2/1/2024 Guest Speaker

Dr. Gregory Sonnenberg - Weill Cornell Medicine 

"Immunologic regulation of health, inflammation, and cancer in the intestine"

Host:  Dr. Sangwon Kim

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  2/8/2024 Faculty

Dr. Gudrun Debes

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  2/15/2024 Research in Progress 

Dr. Aurelie Bouteau/Dr. Sabine Ben Hamed

Labs:  Dr. Igyarto & Dr. Schnell

Location:  Blluemle, Room 101

  2/22/2024 Guest Speaker

Dr. Kenneth Murphy - Eugene Opie First Centennial Professor, Pathology & Immunology - Washington University in Saint Louis

Host:  Dr. Botond Igyarto

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  2/29/2024 Faculty

Dr. Holly Ramage

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  3/7/2024 Research in Progress

Zachary Walter/Nathan Ryan

Labs:  Dr. Ramage & Dr. Abraham

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  3/14/2024 Guest Speaker

Dr. Bibi Bielekova - Senior Principal Investogator - National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease

Host:  Dr. Silva Markovic-Plese

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  3/21/2024 Guest Speaker

Dr. Gabriel Victora - The Rockefellar University - Associate Professor

Host:  Dr. Luis Sigal

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  3/28/2024 Research in Progress

Dr. Gifty Sawhney/Dr. Melissa Molha

Labs:  Dr. Snyder & Dr. Ramage

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  4/4/2024 Guest Speaker

Dr. Stacy Horner - Duke University School of Medicine - Associate Professor

Host:  Dr. Holly Ramage

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  4/11/2024 Faculty

Dr. Fabienne Paumet

Location:  Bluemle, Room

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  4/18/2024 Research in Progress

Sergey Panteleev/Zachary Hutchins

Labs:  Dr. Sykulev & Dr. Snyder

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  4/25/2024 Guest Speaker

Dr. Stacey Schultz-Cherry - Saint Judes Children's Research Hospital - Deputy Director, WHO Collaborating Centre 

Influenza Pathogenesis, Evolution and Therapeutics in vulnerable populations

Host:  Dr. Matthias Schnell

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  5/2/2024 Faculty

Dr. Noreen Hickok

Location:  Bluemle, Room 101

  5/9/2024 Faculty

Dr. Adriana Mantegazza

Location:  Bluemle, Rooms 105/107

  5/16/2024 Guest Speaker

Dr. Gwendalyn Randolph - Washington University in St. Louis - Emil R. Unanue Professor, Pathology & Immunology

Host:  Dr. Adriana Mantegazza

Location:  Bluemle, Rooms 105/107

  5/23/2024 Faculty

Dr. Drishya Kurup

Location:  Bluemle, Rooms 105/107

  5/30/2024 Research in Progress

Carly Smith/Jessica McCord

Labs:  Dr. Freeman & Dr. Snyder

Location:  Bluemle, Rooms 105/107

  6/6/2024 Guest Speaker

Dr. Michelle Kahlenberg - University of Michigan Medical School - Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Dermatology

Host:  Dr. Ziahur Rahman

Bluemle, Room 105/107

  6/13/2024 Faculty

Dr. Carolina R. da Silva

Location:  Bluemle, Rooms 105/107

  6/20/2024 Research in Progress

Daniel Netting/Miao Cao

Labs:  Dr. Mantegazza & Dr. Snook

Location:  Bluemle, Rooms 105/107

  6/27/2024 Guest Speaker

Dr. Stanley Perlman - Carver College of Medicine - Professor of Microbiology & Immunology

Host:  Dr. Carolina R. da Silva

Location:  TBD