Diversity & Inclusion

The Thomas Jefferson University Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology believes that cultivating diversity creates a stronger and healthier environment for trainees to work and learn. To that end, we have been seeking to increase the diversity of the trainee classes, as well as our faculty and staff. We strive to support the growth and development of each trainee and value the individual qualities that make us each unique and the contributions we each make to the whole. This commitment is reflected in our application process and expectations of the group, both individually and collectively.  

We structure our programs to expose all trainees to diverse clinical environments and patient populations with the goal of preparing our trainees to be among the most culturally competent physicians in the nation. We believe that diversity is critical to a well-rounded training program and encourage participation from students, residents, fellows, faculty and staff to ensure that all voices are heard and all perspectives are considered.  

As a department, we are dedicated to addressing the bias and discrimination pervasive in healthcare and ending disparities in care in our larger community. As leaders in medicine, we want to set higher standards, lead the charge for equality and be the example for others to follow within the institution and beyond.