Medical Student Opportunities

Thomas Jefferson University Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology is committed to providing the highest level of didactic, clinical and research training to medical students. For third- and fourth-year medical students, we offer clinical training with direct patient experience working alongside our attendings, nurse practitioners, midwives and residents. We use a team-based approach to OBGYN care, and you will be an integral part of our team.

Opportunities for Sidney Kimmel Medical College Medical Students

Didactic Training

We are actively engaged in medical students’ didactic training. For first-year medical students, OBGYN faculty members participate in the preclinical curriculum and the small group curriculum. For second-year medical students, OBGYN faculty members teach the Reproductive section of the curriculum.  

Third-Year Clerkship

During the third-year clerkship, medical students rotate through the OBGYN department with both inpatient and outpatient experiences. The rotation may include Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Gynecologic Oncology.

Fourth-Year Electives

We offer a variety of electives for fourth-year medical students who are interested in applying to OBGYN residency. Current electives include Gynecologic Oncology, inpatient and outpatient Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and research.

Fourth-Year Sub-Internships

The OBGYN department has two sub-internships, one outpatient and one inpatient, that can be used to fulfill the SKMC requirement for fourth-year medical students. The Outpatient sub-internship includes both general and subspecialty experiences in an outpatient setting. The inpatient sub-internship is in Gynecologic Oncology for surgical experience.  

Fourth-Year Rotations

We offer two-week and four-week rotations in OBGYN for fourth-year medical students. Fourth-year rotations include inpatient Gynecologic Oncology for surgical experience, inpatient and outpatient Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and Research. Please note that completion of a fourth-year rotation is not required to apply for OBGYN Residency.  

Research Projects

As part of the SKMC Scholarly Inquiry program, medical students are invited to participate in research projects throughout our department. We offer clinical and population-based research to medical students at all levels of training. For fourth-year medical students, we also offer dedicated research opportunities as an elective or rotation.   

Opportunities for Visiting Medical Students

Medical students from other institutions are welcome to complete fourth-year rotations at Thomas Jefferson University. The OBGYN department offers two-week and four-week rotations for fourth-year medical students. Fourth-year rotations include inpatient Gynecologic Oncology for surgical experience and inpatient and outpatient Maternal-Fetal Medicine. The fourth-year rotations provide direct experience at a top-ranked university hospital with one-on-one time with residents and attendings and access to grand rounds and resident education.

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