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  • Program Director, Medical Residency Program
  • Program Director, Medical Education Clerkship
  • Professor, Radiation Oncology

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Name: Phyllis Lewis
Position: Education Coordinator

111 S. 11th Street
Bodine Cancer Center - Gibbon
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Carl M. Mansfield, MD Externship

The Carl M. Mansfield, MD Externship is designed for medical students considered underrepresented in medicine. Its goal is to encourage those underrepresented in medicine to consider Radiation Oncology as a field of specialty.

Dr. Mansfield started his career at Howard University and Medical School and became a beloved physician and educator. He was a trailblazer in the field of Radiation Oncology best known for his innovative treatments of breast cancer. Dr. Mansfield had a great desire to ensure that students were aware of what they could accomplish in the medical field and allowed students to work with him and others towards this goal.

Studies show that patients are more likely to participate in their own healthcare and in clinical trials if they are approached by a healthcare provider who is of their own race or ethnicity. If Jefferson truly wants to move the needle on health equity in Philadelphia—a city that is incredibly diverse and where, notably, 42% of the population is Black or African American— it is vital that we also increase the numbers of underrepresented minority trainees with the opportunity and support they need to pursue exposure to the field of radiation oncology.

In the interest of supporting the next generation of leaders in Radiation Oncology, The Philadelphia Collaborative for Health Equity is partnering with the Department of Radiation Oncology to support medical students in good standing to spend 4 to 8 weeks with the Department of Radiation Oncology. Students will meet with departmental leaders and members of the Collaborative during their rotation to craft a meaningful externship experience. Students rotating for 8 weeks will be expected to work on a project with a mentor and present their work or an interesting topic related to the field at the conclusion of their experience.

The externship will support the stipend from $2,500 to $5,000, depending on the time spent in the department.

A summer externship is offered prior to starting the 1st and 2nd years of medical school.  If there is a strong interest in Radiation Oncology, then a 4th-year rotation should be considered.  This will be financially supported, and an application would be necessary.

The application deadline is March 1, 2023. Please submit all applications to Dr. Lydia Komarnicky at

If a medical school rotation during the 4th year is requested, the application deadline does not apply.

Contact information:
Lydia Komarnicky, MD
Professor and Program Director, Radiation Oncology Residency
Medical Student Clerkship Director