Undergraduate Medical Education

The Department sponsors a ten-week General Surgery Clerkship. This opportunity is only available for students currently enrolled in the Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University.

The Core Clerkship is an introduction to the principles and practices of General Surgery and is designed to expose the student to that body of information, skills, problem-solving abilities and attitudes in Surgery which all physicians should posses, regardless of specialty choice.

The rotation consists of ten weeks:

  • Five weeks of clinical experience in General Surgery.
  • Two and half weeks of clinical experience in a Surgery Specialty as a junior member of the surgical team.
  • Two and half weeks of clinical experience in Emergency Medicine with a series of seminars, conferences, and presentations.

We strongly encourage students to become as actively involved as possible in assigned clinical services. Students benefit from the rotation in direct proportion to the amount of interest and enthusiasm they manifest. We hope that this rotation will, in fact, generate such interest and enthusiasm.

A comprehensive objective National Board Subject Examination is administered at the end of the five week general surgery clerkship experience.


Renee Tholey, MD
Director, Surgical Undergraduate Education

Michael Pucci, MD
Associate Program Director, Surgical Undergraduate Education

Tyler Grenda, MD
Assistant Program Director, Surgical Undergraduate Education