Conflicts of Interest

Jefferson’s Conflicts of Interest process is one of the important tools we provide to members of the Jefferson community to help everyone, including patients, students, and the public, judge for themselves whether particular relationships may influence decisions we make when carrying out Jefferson-related responsibilities.

Duties to Disclose Relationships

Disclosing relationships and activities is one of the most effective means through which to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to integrity and transparency. Members of Jefferson’s community have a continuing obligation to disclose fully all relationships and activities that may impact their Jefferson-related work.

If you did not complete your annual disclosure, you can provide Jefferson with your required disclosure information by completing an annual transactional disclosure.

How to Disclose Relationships

Our Jeff-COISmart system provides a fast and easy way to disclose all relationships and activities.


If you use a Jefferson-issued campus key, please use this secure link to access the COI-Smart platform to complete your annual disclosure or update your disclosure profile.


Active members of Jefferson’s Boards of Trustees may utilize a secure link to the Jefferson COI-Smart platform to create a new disclosure or provide updates to your disclosure profile.


Certain relationships with Jefferson require completion of a Conflicts of Interest disclosure, using the secure COI-Smart platform. You may require assistance to create a profile needed to gain access to the system. Please contact to request assistance.

For more information and assistance with completing your COI disclosure, please call 215-503-6300, or email


To learn more about Jefferson's Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Program, read the program brochure (PDF) and frequently asked questions (PDF).


Conflicts of Interest Policies:

Gift Policy:

Training Opportunities

Researcher Required Training

Researchers at Jefferson are required to complete Conflicts of Interest training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program. Additional information about CITI Training and instructions for registration.

Internal Training Opportunities

Jefferson community members can access additional resources and training materials in the Conflicts of Interest section on the myJeffHub Compliance Community.

Public Disclosure Requests

Public disclosures may be requested in writing, using this form: Public Disclosure Requests Form (PDF).

Being open about the intersection between your Jefferson-related responsibilities and certain personal financial interests, relationships, or activities helps our organization maintain its stellar reputation for integrity. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.

Research projects at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health (“Jefferson”) that are funded by an agency of the Public Health Service (PHS), such as the National Institutes of Health, must ensure public access to certain information about conflicts of interest that have been disclosed to Jefferson and reported to the funding agency. U.S. regulations allow anyone to request information about a conflict of interest held by senior or key personnel on a PHS-funded research project.

Public accessibility requests must be in writing by using the form below. Please provide as much information as possible about your request.

Jefferson’s Conflicts of Interest Committee will not assign a dollar range value to a Significant Financial Interest if it cannot readily determine its value through reference to public prices or other reasonable means, to determine fair market value.

We will respond to requests via the manner you select on the form within five business days and will include information required to be disclosed by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

For additional information or assistance with requesting financial conflicts of interest information, contact 215-503-6300 or