Center for Career Success

Research Organizations

Spend some time before the Career Fair researching employers of interest:

  • Start by reviewing the employer’s profile on Handshake, then check out their website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages. These will give you a good start to understanding the basics about the organization.
  • Have an understanding of their basic mission as well as current events and industry trends that may impact the organization. Be ready to ask questions that show you have done your research!
  • Review the available job opportunities on their website, and prepare questions about jobs that interest you.

Prepare Your Resume

Make sure your resume is ready for the Career Fair by using any (or all) of our resume resources:

  • Review our Resume Writing Guide (also available in hard copy in the Career Center).
  • Attend Resumania or Resume on the Run for a quick review. These are offered in the weeks leading up to each fair.
  • Schedule a career counseling appointment for a full review via Handshake.

You will want to bring multiple copies of your resume to the Career Fair. However, not all employers require a hard copy and may ask you to apply online. Regardless, be prepared and print at least one for each employer you plan to visit. The Career Center offers FREE resume paper (stop by and get some!).

Practice Your Pitch

  • Try to identify specific experiences where you have demonstrated your strengths and how these strengths set you apart from your classmates.
  • Supporting your skills with specific examples will make you a stronger candidate.
  • Develop a 30-second “pitch” that introduces who you are and why you are interested in the organization and/or position. Your pitch might include:
    • Your name.
    • What degree(s) you received and/or are currently working toward?
    • The types of jobs you are interested in.
    • Your relevant experiences, including clinical rotations, field work, summer jobs, and internships.
    • Why you want to work for X organization?
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the representatives. They should not be basic questions like “What does your organization do?” but should be informed, educated questions based on your research.

Sample Questions

  • How long does the hiring process take?
  • What made you choose this facility, and how long have you been with the facility?
  • What type of orientation program do you offer for new hires?
  • Is there a multidisciplinary approach to patient care?
  • Do staff members work individually or as a team?
  • What skills or background are you looking for in entry-level staff?
  • What skills should I be developing now in order to be qualified to work for your organization?

What to Wear

For information on what to wear at your interview, please check out our guide on how to Dress for Success.