Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Vendors Accepting
Campus Currency

The Atrium Gibbon Building, 111 South 11th Street, 2nd Floor
Au Bon Pain 111 South 11th Street (Corner of 10th & Chestnut)
Bleu Sushi 262 South 10th Street
CheU Noodle Bar 255 S. 10th Street
Corner Café JHN, Lobby
coZara 3200 Chestnut Street
DiBruno Bros 834 Chestnut Street
Drexel Pizza 107 North 33rd Street
Du Jour Catering 2001 Market Street
The Fresh Grocer 4001 Walnut Street
The Fresh Grocer of Grays Ferry 3021 Greys Ferry Road
Fuel Restaurant 1225 Walnut Street
Hahnemann Cafeteria 230 North Broad Street, MS 453
HipCityVeg 214 South 40th Street
Hoshi's 126 South 11th Street
Hummusology 1112 Locust Street
Jake's Sandwich Board 122 South 12th Street
Jimmy John's 221 S. 11th Street
Joe Coffee 3200 Chestnut Street
Landmark Americana 3333 Market Street
Lee's Hoagie House 246 S 11th Street (@11th & Locust)
Methodist Hospital - Cafeteria 2301 South Broad Street
Mumbai Bistro 930 Locust Street
Passero's Coffee Roasters 834 Chestnut Street
Paulie's Pizza 31 South 11th Street
Pizza Wings Steaks 3235 Powelton Avenue
Primo Hoagies 128 South 11th Street
Quaker City Coffee 263 South 10th Street
Sabrina's Café 227-229 North 34th Street
Sankee Noodle House 3549 Chestnut Street
Sandler's on 9th 834 Chestnut Street
Savas Pizza 3505 Lancaster Avenue
Saxby's Coffee 65 North 34th Street and

234-236 South 11th Street (these locations only)
Shake Shack 3200 Chestnut Street
(these locations only)
Gibbon Building, 111 South 11th Street, 2nd Floor and
3400 Lancaster Avenue
Strangelove's 216 South 11th Street
Subway 910 Chestnut Street
Suite 110 Café 3001 Market Street
The Corner Bakery Café 3737 Market Street, Suite 10
Tiffany's Bakery Jefferson Station, 1001 Market Street
Top Tomato Pizza Kitchen 1107 Walnut Street
Wawa (Starting August 2019) #8131 - 150 S. Independence Mall
#8113 - 1300 Chestnut Street
#103 - 912-916 Walnut Street
CVS Pharmacy 1046 Market Street
CVS Pharmacy 3401 Walnut Street
Jefferson Apothecary Gibbon Building, 111 South 11th Street, 1st Floor
Jefferson Pharmacy 833 Chestnut Street, 9th Street entrance
Jefferson Pharmacy 908 Walnut Street
Methodist Hospital - Pharmacy 2301 South Broad Street
Rite Aid 1000-1008 Market Street
7-Eleven 3401 Lancaster Avenue (Only Location)
Commuter Services Office 1009 Chestnut Street
Jefferson Bookstore 1009 Chestnut Street
Jefferson Hospital Gift Shop Gibbon Building, 111 South 11th Street, 1st Floor
Methodist Hospital - Gift Shop 2301 South Broad Street
Plaza Art Supplies 3200 Chestnut Street, Retail E
Wolf Cycles 4311 Lancaster Avenue
Vendors Accepting Campus Currency