Educational Programs

College of Pharmacy Program

The Jefferson College of Pharmacy (JCP) has integrated simulated educational experiences into its Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum.  Faculty members in the Department of Pharmacy Practice collaborate with the Rector CSSC team to develop and produce innovative experiences for the pharmacy students. Simulation is a growing and exciting instructional method in pharmacy education; here at JCP as well as nationally.

Key Points in Pharmacy Student Simulation Experiences

  • First year pharmacy students practice counseling patients on over-the-counter medications and practice physical assessment skills such as taking blood pressure, administering a diabetic foot exam and obtaining a comprehensive medication history.
  • Second and third year pharmacy students continue to practice conducting patient counseling sessions and physical assessment skills in simulated ambulatory care and other pharmacy practice settings.
  • The encounters with the standardized patients are videotaped. Each student receives a DVD recording of their encounter and provides both self and peer-evaluations of their performances as a way of formative feedback.

Student Experiences at RCSSC

“The use of SPs was very helpful in getting real life feedback from people other than faculty and peers.”

“I liked the experience. Even though it is a simulated communication, it challenges you to use both your book knowledge and adaptive skills.  Overall, I feel that it is very beneficial for our growth as pharmacy students.”

“I really think that the SP experience was much needed and differs greatly from the experience we gain by simply practicing in class.”

Future Considerations

The College of pharmacy will continue to participate in interprofessional simulation experiences and hopes to grow this aspect of our program.