Standardized Patients Program

Standardized Patients Program

The mission of the Jefferson Standardized Patient (SP) Program is to deliver high-quality SP programs to train and test learners from a wide range of medical disciplines at various stages in their medical education or career.

Jefferson SPs are vigorously trained in all manner of cases and procedures so our learners can expect honest and nonjudgmental feedback from a diverse group of SPs.

Using a creative and innovative approach to program development, the Jefferson SP Program offers learners a safe, controlled environment to develop and refine their own unique approach to patient care with a wide range of SP experiences including:

  • Hybrid Sessions that integrate live SPs and high-tech models
  • Encounters that build procedural skills on diverse task trainer models
  • Remediation and Feedback programs to assist learners though the various difficulties that can arise during the course of a career in the medical profession
  • Interactive, multi-media programs that utilize specially trained SP actors shown in video clips who then “step out of the screen” and communicate with learners on various levels
  • Highly effective formative and summative OSCEs that both measure our learners’ progress in their education and prepare them for licensing and certification exams.

Jeff Players Multimedia Production Group

Rector CSSC has an innovative and unique system of video clip development and use at the Rector CSSC. This is a signature program in our Center. We have effectively created our own production studio for the development of high quality video clips for teaching and evaluation purposes. This program, entitled, the JEFF PLAYERS production group, was created by Dale Berg, Katherine Berg, and our managing producer, Rob Hargraves, all in the Rector CSSC. We take ideas from faculty and translate them into screenplays, cast the screenplays using our Jeff Players acting group (Currently 22 skilled actors), use our own cinematographer, Dale Berg and Rob Hargraves direct the clips and all with the faculty edit to produce a highly polished professional vide trigger tape. We also provide services in which we assist in integrating these into the faculty’s curriculum and support use of these in role-play.

  • The Rector CSSC has created its own Production Studio for the development of high quality video clips for teaching and evaluation
  • Extremely useful tool set for innovative curricula using simulation
  • Over 40 completed videos for teaching and evaluation covering many of the core skills competencies
  • These multimedia tools have been used for all levels of training, in all Colleges and, in programs across the nation
  • These video clips are of great use in the development of interdisciplinary programs