Degrees & Programs

  • Bachelor's Programs - We offer ten concentrations (modalities) and multiple length and combination options for students in our Bachelor's Programs. Choose the options that best suit your future career.
  • Master of Science in Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences - The Master of Science in Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences is the only program of its kind on the East Coast. The field of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences is rapidly growing, and the learning curve never ends.
  • Master of Science in Medical Physics - The goal of this program is to create Qualified Medical Physicists, who can independently provide clinical professional services in one or more of the subfields of medical physics – therapeutic, diagnostic, nuclear, and medical health.
  • PET/CT Certificate - Our PET/CT Certificate Program is the first formal PET/CT curriculum in the nation. This Program is for certified nuclear medicine technologists.
  • CT Certificate - Radiologic Sciences professionals in Radiography, Radiation Therapy or Nuclear Medicine can enroll in our online CT Certificate Program.