Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) to Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)


  • Center City Campus
  • College of Health Professions

Degree Earned

  • Bachelor of Science

Program Type

  • Online

This online, part-time track is for students who are Medical Lab Technicians with an associate's degree seeking a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Medical Laboratory Science. Students enter Thomas Jefferson University for upper-division study with up to 80 prerequisite credits, including work experience, and must be employed in an MLT position. 


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Michael Amato, MS, MLS

Instructor, Medical Laboratory Science

Joshua Cannon, MS, MLS(ASCP) CM

Education Coordinator

Barbara M. Goldsmith, PhD, FACB

Clinical Professor, Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, SKMC
Chair and Professor, Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology, JCHP
Director, Point of Care and Quality Management

Valerie Jalicke, MS

Medical Laboratory Science Instructor
Acting Program Director, Medical Laboratory Science