Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology

New Online BS Degree-Completion Program

Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) to BS in Medical Laboratory Science

This online, part-time track is for Medical Lab Technicians with an associate's degree who are seeking a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Medical Laboratory Science. Students will earn credits in classes such as Molecular Biology, Clinical Chemistry and Immunology over a 2- to 4-year span.

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Online Certificate Options

Graduate Certificates

Students who have a Bachelor of Science with at least 30 science credits (biology, chemistry and/or medical sciences) can earn a graduate certificate in areas that include Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Hematology, Clinical Microbiology, Immunohematology and Molecular Biology.

Dual-degree Program

Accelerated 3+2 Health Sciences BS/MS in MLSB Chosen Program

Build strong skills in critical thinking and problem solving through foundation courses in basic sciences and humanities offered on the East Falls campus before transferring to the Center City campus to complete upper-level, program-specific coursework.