Respiratory Therapy


College of Health Professions


Bachelor of Science


Center City


Hybrid (Online and On Campus)


2 Years

Policies & Procedures

Thomas Jefferson University accepts Transfer Credit for college-level courses previously taken, that were awarded grades of “C” or higher from other institutions of higher learning, with accreditation recognized by Jefferson, in all modes of delivery. For more details, please refer to the JCHP handbook.

Thomas Jefferson University awards college credit to students who participated in the Advance Placement Program in high school, and who took and achieved specific levels of learning on the Advanced Placement exams. For credit to be awarded, it must be applicable to a student’s program of study. Please note that when students submit Dual Enrollment credit for an AP course on a college transcript and also scores from the AP exam, Thomas Jefferson University will preference the dual enrollment course for awarding credit. Credit will not be awarded twice.

Details about accepted AP scores for each specific exam can be found on the academic policies page in the advanced placement section.

A student who withdraws, is dismissed for academic reasons, or who is granted a leave of absence from the University, is eligible for a tuition refund in accordance with the policy that is applicable to the corresponding academic year enrollment associated with their program. For more information, visit the tuition refund policy page.

All members of the Thomas Jefferson University Community have the right to express concerns when they perceive that they have been treated in a manner not consistent with the standards of conduct at the University. The student grievance procedure is intended to allow students this mode of expression.  For academic grievances within the program, students are encouraged to address the problem at the point closest to the issue, by attempting to resolve the dispute with the faculty or staff member involved with the issue. If dissatisfied with the outcome after meeting with the person closest to the issue, the student may meet with the Program Director and/or the JCHP Dean or Dean’s Designee to reach a resolution. For grievances external to the academic program, students should consult the University Grievance Procedure.

Academic Calendar

Respiratory therapy courses will follow a 15-week academic calendar for Fall, Spring and Summer terms. The 2023-24 academic calendar will be posted on the College of Health Professions' academic calendar when approved.