Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp

The Lambert Center serves as a comprehensive resource for education, research, and clinical practice in the therapeutic use of cannabinoids and industrial hemp. Jefferson is the first major health sciences university in the United States to provide a comprehensive academic resource for the medicinal application and business of cannabis and hemp, in keeping with its nearly 200-year history of innovation in science and medical education.

Our History

Barry Lambert is renowned in the Australian banking industry for founding Count Financial, Australia’s largest network of accounting-based advisory firms. Barry is now the Chairman of Ecofibre Limited, which owns leading US-based nutraceutical and hemp producer Ananda Hemp.

At 6-months-old, Barry and Joy's granddaughter, Katelyn, was diagnosed with a form of crippling epilepsy called Dravet’s syndrome. It's a rare genetic abnormality that affects the brain's electric signaling system and causes severe and repetitive seizures. Cannabis derived from hemp gave Katelyn substantial relief from her seizures. The Lamberts’ gift to Jefferson reflects a belief that more study into medicinal cannabis will offer greater hope for others. 

Joy and I were extremely impressed with Jefferson’s rapid progress in the field of medicinal cannabis research and innovative approach to exploring all avenues for new therapies to include using hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Barry Lambert


Our mission at The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp is to advance the scientific basis, research efforts, educational opportunities, positive social impact opportunities, and patient experience associated with the clinical use of cannabis-derived medicinal therapies. We also strive to develop new and innovative hemp-based technologies in the medical and industrial spaces.


Through Thomas Jefferson University, we offer a variety of educational opportunities such as continuing education courses for professional development and first-of-their-kind graduate certificates in Cannabis Medicine and Cannabis Science. Our courses are developed by world-renowned experts to provide an in-depth look into the world of cannabis science and medicine from a diverse faculty of clinicians and public figures.


We conduct research and serve as a networking nidus for multicenter, multinational research, to evaluate and elevate the evidence basis for cannabinoid therapy in multiple medical conditionsWe also collaborate with other research institutions around the world to establish clinical and industrial medicinal research agendas.

We believe that expert, patient-focused pharmacists will play a critical role in future dispensing of medical cannabis products. Jefferson’s Center provides valuable resources and leadership to help create this new class of professionals.

Patricia A. Epple, CEO
Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association

Jefferson is a leader in innovation, and the launch of The Lambert Center signals the institution’s dedication to embrace the ever-evolving nature of healthcare. Understanding and researching new cutting-edge methods for the treatment of disease is a fundamental goal, and Jefferson is proud to be among the first of its kind to offer resources and support for the revolutionary expansion for medicinal marijuana and cannabinoid-based therapies.

Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA
President & CEO, Thomas Jefferson University;
CEO, Jefferson Health