Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp


Cannabis Research Webinar Series

The series provides a forum for expert speakers on a variety of cannabis-related endeavors to present their research and information. Additionally, the Institute of Cannabis Research intends to engage cannabis researchers on a global scale by providing varying perspectives from the field. Presenters for this webinar series have spoken on topics ranging from medical science and public policy, to industrial perspectives to funding opportunities. The Institute of Cannabis Research hosted the Cannabis Research Webinar series since October 2020. Currently, these webinars are co-managed by the Institute of Cannabis Research at CSU Pueblo and the Lambert Center at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. This webinar series regularly schedules a presentation on the second Thursday of each month, held on Zoom. Recordings of the webinars are made available on the ICR website shortly after the live presentation.

Previous Speaker Series Webinars

The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp at the Institute for Emerging Health Professions presented the following webinars: 

Medical Cannabis Scientific Evidence

Sandra Carrilo, MD, MHSM, Professor, Medical Cannabis Research & Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Panama, Clinical Practitioner, Medical Cannabis Expert/Advocate, Co-Founder Medicann IPS Cannabis Clinics.

The Use of Cannabinoids to Treat Pain

Daniel Clauw, MD, is a Professor of Anesthesiology, Medicine (Rheumatology), and Psychiatry at the University of Michigan. He serves as Director of the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center. Until January 2009, he also served as the first Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research within the University of Michigan Medical School, and PI of the UM Clinical and Translational Sciences Award (CTSA).

FDA Role in the Regulation of Cannabis Products (& Insights into IND Submission Challenges) 

Cassandra Taylor, PhD, Chemist, Botanical Review Team, Office of Pharmaceutical Quality, CDER, FDA.

R. Daniel Mellon, PhD, Acting Deputy Director, Division of PharmacologyToxicology for Neuroscience, OND, CDER, FDA.

Academic Offerings by the Institute of Emerging Health Professions

The Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Science & Business is designed to provide students with the knowledge in cannabis medicine, science, business, and policies required to enter the cannabis industry and develop innovative cannabis business models. The program encompasses the three graduate cannabis certificates, culminating with a research design course and a capstone project.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Cannabis Business Certificate – Equips graduates with the knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial mindset needed to turn a unique winning idea that fills an unmet need in the cannabis industry into reality.

Cannabis Medicine Certificate – Designed to provide an understanding of the science underlying endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, and synthetic cannabinoids and their clinical applications.

Cannabis Science Certificate – Provides an in-depth view of the botany and chemistry of the cannabis plant, cannabinoid pharmacology and resultant effects, and how to identify and quantify the different chemical components and potential toxicants in cannabis.

Continuing Education Courses

We provide accredited continuing professional education for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and pharmacists regarding the potential uses of medicinal cannabis. Many states, including Pennsylvania, require healthcare professionals to receive such education before recommending medicinal cannabis products or addressing patient needs in a registered dispensing facility.

All certified programs are designed to meet the continuing education needs of healthcare professionals as the use of medical cannabis expands. Lambert Center programs present valid, balanced, and objective content that reflects the scientific standards of academic medicine. 

Pennsylvania Department of Health-approved, Jefferson-accredited four-hour continuing education course for PA health professionals (DoH/CE).

The DoH/CE Credit activity is a four-hour set of seven modules that fulfills the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s training requirement for physicians who wish to recommend medicinal cannabis to patients, and for physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners who wish to work in Pennsylvania dispensaries.

Research Scholar

Henry Morelli will support cannabis and cannabinoid receptor-related investigationsHis research will provide a further understanding of how human health systems respond to cannabinoids and may identify opportunities for therapeutic applications. Morelli holds a BS in Biology from Saint Joseph's University. He also earned the Dreidink Scholar award for two consecutive years. Morelli will work with Ajay Nayak, PhD, in the Center for Translational Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care, to investigate underlying mechanisms contributing to allergic response to cannabis sativa, with the long-term goal of identifying the major allergens of marijuana and developing standardized tools for clinical diagnostics.