Student Opportunities

The Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing (JIB) is dedicated to creating highly-valuable and rewarding opportunities for students seeking to explore career opportunities within the biopharmaceutical sector, further their knowledge of the field, and learn more about graduate-level educational training offered by Thomas Jefferson University at JIB. To facilitate, we have created the following programs and encourage you to explore and apply for one or more!

Summer Internships

JIB is currently seeking highly motivated local students that are interested in contributing to the field through the completion of a hands-on internship. Through this opportunity,students gain valuable knowledge, experience and insight into the field while working in a team-based environment with highly experienced mentors with an option for potential Graduate students to earn transferable credits.

IRES Study Abroad

JIB is seeking highly motivated and talented students to participate in a fully-funded international research opportunity at the National Institute for Bioprocess Research and Training (NIBRT) in Dublin,Ireland. Selected candidates will work on significant global research projects within bioanalytics and biomonitoring. This selective program will introduce students to the field of Biopharmaceutical Engineering to prepare candidates for advanced degree programs and high-demand positions in industry. 

NIIMBL eXperience Program at Thomas Jefferson University

The NIIMBL eXperience program will provide students with an unparalleled opportunity to explore careers within the fields of engineering, science, and biopharmaceutical production at the state-of-the-art JIB facility. Through this week-long immersive program participants will gain a firm understanding of the importance of this industry within the Mid-Atlantic region, the nation, and the world, while also creating the vision and path towards a related career.