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Master of Science






1 - 2 Years

Meet our Students

“As a graduate of Philadelphia University, when I was looking for Organizational Leadership programs, I was interested in a program that was fully online and compatible with a full time job. The newness of the program was exciting and the opportunity to take six classes a year fit with my goals to complete my degree in two years or less. Speaking to [Director of Admissions] about the program answered all my questions and made me decide this was the right next step for my education.” Like many students, Ivy was hesitant about returning to school, but the pandemic convinced her it was time for a change, “I previously had not anticipated returning to school after completing my Bachelor’s degree, but the pandemic made me realize I was burned out in my previous position and industry. I was unsure if I would be able to make a career change without going back to school, but I wanted a degree that would complement my background without pigeonholing me. A few months after enrolling in the MSOL program I found a new career with an amazing company (Gusto), and I enjoy being able to directly relate what I am learning to my day to day work.” As for Ivy’s plans post graduating in 2023, she noted, “ I aspire to continue learning more about the tech industry and hope to work my way up in my department and organization over the next few years.”

“I chose the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program at Jefferson because I wanted to further my knowledge and qualifications for my current position.  As a graduate of Jefferson for my undergraduate degree, I knew Jefferson would give me the education I required at a pace that I could handle.” Harold will be completing his degree in 2023 in support of his goal of moving in rank at his current employer. He also hopes to get into teaching.

MSOL students are typically juggling multiple responsibilities and 2022 alumni Laura Drumm knows this first hand. Laura’s experience balancing work, home and school life is common of many students that enter into the program and reflecting on her experience in the program, Laura offers this advice to prospective MSOL students, “The MSOL program is organized in a way that makes it easy to balance work, family, and education. The professors are extremely accommodating and flexible, very willing to work with you. I would encourage anyone desiring to grow in their career or as a person to pursue the MSOL program.”

A 2022 graduate, Linden Gaillard joined the MSOL program knowing she wanted to change industries but not sure of her next steps. Once in the program, Linden discovered her experience and passion alignment with the human resources field and was able to leverage her degree into a new position as a talent acquisition specialist. Her advice to students, “Do not overthink going back to school, there is always going to be something to stop you. Just go for it and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Invest in yourself, the doors that will be open for you in your career are worth it.”

“I’ve chosen the program Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program to further my education in leadership Skills for a higher role with the organization I currently work in and to improve my personal development.” As of 2023, Nicole will be a two-time graduate of Jefferson, having also completed her undergraduate degree at Jefferson, and looks forward to utilizing the knowledge and skills gained in the degree to continue to advance in her career in behavioral health.


A recent graduate of the program, Anjeanette notes, “[The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program] helped with planning, execution and revision. I love the interaction I had with my professors. They always provided me with the support I needed.” Anjeanette is now a proud two-time graduate of Jefferson. To learn more about Anjeanette’s journey, please read “Celebrating the Class of 2022” in The Nexus.