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Name: Tod Corlett
Position: Director & William L. Jasper Chair, Industrial Design
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Because of Apple’s migration to their new M1 processors, Mac computers can no longer run Windows under Bootcamp.  For this reason, we have to require Industrial Design students to have capable Windows-based laptops in order to run Solidworks, the primary CAD program taught in our major.  We do not require students to buy computers from the Jefferson School Store, but a link to an appropriate system sold here is below, for your convenience. 

If you buy a computer elsewhere, keep in mind:

  • It should be a “graphics/CAD workstation” grade laptop, not one that is optimized for gaming.  Games use different hardware for their graphics. 
  • Solidworks maintains a list of hardware and software specifications, as well as a list of graphics cards certified compatible with their software for those who are expert computer shoppers and would like to buy elsewhere.

The industrial design major also requires students to have a professional-grade drawing tablet with a stylus that supports tilt/pressure input. These can be a Wacom Cintiq/Intuos Pro accessory drawing tablet, an Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, or Microsoft Surface Pro laptop.  If you opt for a Microsoft Surface, make sure the performance of the laptop is adequate to run Solidworks well (see above).V

Required Software

  • Adobe CC (Subscription is free as an enrollment benefit).
  • Office365 (Free with email.    
The following programs are used in industrial design visualization and studio courses, although not all programs are used in all courses.  It is the student's responsibility to communicate with course instructors and to be ready to run software needed for class:
  • Solidworks (graduate students can request permission to use another primary CAD program).
  • PLEASE NOTE: IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO PURCHASE SOLIDWORKS. A FREE Solidworks subscription link will be made available to each incoming student at the beginning of the semester)
  • Keyshot
  • Rhino
  • Sketchup
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Pro