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Name: Marcia Weiss
Position: Program Director & Associate Professor, Textile Design
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Our extensive facilities in the Fashion & Textiles Futures Center are a huge part of what makes your experience at Thomas Jefferson University unique. You will work “hands-on” from your first semester on campus, using equipment that ranges from our ultramodern textile technologies to looms dating back to the University’s founding in 1884.

Design Studios

Undergraduate textile design students have access to dedicated maker spaces, including a full range of analog and digital textile equipment.

Knit Facilities

Students have access to a designated knit studio and knitted fabric production laboratory including the latest equipment in whole garment technology.

Print Facilities

Students have access to a designated print laboratory, including the Center for Excellence in Digital Printing, with the latest computer based software, darkroom, screen printing facilities, digital technology and color kitchen.

Weaving Facilities

Students have access to designated weaving studios including floor looms, dobby looms and state-of-the-art industrial jacquard equipment.

After a fabric has been created it must be dyed or otherwise finished. Our students gain a thorough understanding of these processes through studying the chemistry and technology involved in their own textile lab. Dyes are studied by their method of application while fabric finishing covers chemical, thermal and mechanical processes.

Materials Characterization Facilities

An important part of our program is to understand how textiles perform. Students learn through hands-on experience with over 50 pieces of state-of-the-art industry equipment.