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Name: Marcia Weiss
Position: Program Director & Associate Professor, Textile Design
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Marcia Weiss
Program Director- BS and MS in Textile Design
Associate Professor
BS in Textile Design, Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science
MFA in Fibers, Savannah College of Art Design

Jennifer Rhodes
Assistant Program Director- BS in Textile Design
Adjunct Professor
BS in Textile Design, Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science

Janet Brady
Associate Professor of Materials Technology
AS, Textile Technology, Fashion Institute of Technology
BS Textile Technology, Philadelphia University
MS, Textile Engineering , Philadelphia University

Becky Flax
Assistant Professor of Textile Design
BS and MS in Textile Design, Philadelphia University

Meghan Kelly
Visiting Assistant Professor of Textile Design 
BFA in Fiber Art and Art History, Kansas City Art Institute
MS in Textile Design, Philadelphia University 

Nancy J. Howard
Associate Professor of Dyeing and Finishing
BS Design & Environmental Analysis, Cornell Univ.
MS Textile Science, Univ of Connecticut (UConn)
MS Materials Science, Univ of Connecticut (UConn)
PhD Polymer & Fibre Science, Univ of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST)

The textile design program also includes adjunct faculty members who work in the industry while teaching classes at the University. They bring with them a wide range of expertise and for students act as immediate connections to the textile industry and form part of students’ professional network.