• East Falls Campus
  • College of Life Sciences

Degree Earned

  • Bachelor of Science

Program Length
4 years

Program Type

  • On Campus

Program Location
Jefferson - East Falls Campus

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Students gain valuable research experience in the BS in Biochemistry program, where their education culminates in a research project presented at a scientific conference. The curriculum highlights chemical concepts and inquiry-based experiments while emphasizing critical thinking.

Application Process & Deadlines

NOVEMBER 1 - Early Action
MARCH 1 - Regular Decision
JUNE 1 - Transfer Applicants

Application Requirements & Instructions

Program Overview

Biochemistry Research

This active and collaborative program will prepare you for what’s next. You start collecting chemical knowledge and skills through core courses and shadowing faculty and upper-level student researchers.  As a sophomore, you will start helping with authentic, real-world research projects – experience many biochemistry students don’t get until graduate programs. This is possible thanks to the individual attention you get in our small classes and our well-equipped research laboratories.


  • Small classes with one-on-one faculty guidance
  • Intensive, real-world research experience
  • Unique, faculty-designed experiments
  • Experience presenting before scientific community
  • Access to top internships, nationwide
  • Preparation for graduate school or careers in the non-profit, industrial, governmental, or medical realms.

You will engage in real-world learning and research experiences that teach you to think critically, scientifically and innovatively. You will be guided through semester-long research projects, rather than “cookbook” experiments, thoughtfully conceived by faculty members who are experts in the biochemical sciences.

Your evolution as a researcher culminates your senior year, with a year-long exploration into a pressing scientific issue that encapsulates the scientific process – and a final presentation at a scientific conference, where you get valuable feedback from peers and professionals in the scientific community.

In our rigorous program, our faculty will help you become a sought-after candidate for whatever plans you may have. Our alumni work in top-ranked pharmaceutical companies, medical and biotechnical fields, continue education in top graduate programs, and become published and patent-receiving researchers. As a Jefferson biochemistry graduate, any career in the biochemical field is right at your fingertips.


Get hands-on experience, attend small classes, experience flexibility in academic pursuits, have the opportunity to study abroad, and prepare for graduate school or a career.


Engage in advanced research experiences, beginning as early as the sophomore year. Work with our faculty members, present findings at scientific conferences, and potentially get published in scientific journals.