Undergraduate Programs

Our Undergraduate programs provide students with the skills and knowledge that will prepare them for basic biomedical sciences education and training. The Jefferson College of Life Sciences is the stepping stone for advanced degrees in biology, biochemistry and chemistry.

Students are given an opportunity to explore courses and programs across a wide field of basic and translational biomedical sciences in order to develop core fundamentals essential to their course of study. These programs leads students to our PhD, Master’s and graduate certificate programs. In addition, Jefferson College of Life Sciences offers a Postbaccalaureate Pre-Professional Program (P4) for those interested in pursuing medical and professional schools. 

Our Undergraduate Programs

  • Biochemistry - Students gain valuable research experience in the BS in Biochemistry program, where their education culminates in a research project presented at a scientific conference. The curriculum highlights chemical concepts and inquiry-based experiments while emphasizing critical thinking.
  • Biology - The BS in Biology program allows undergraduates to explore their passions. Students receive hands-on instruction through regional field work and opportunities to study abroad offers a global perspective.
  • Chemistry - Students learn chemistry in the context of global issues and participate in research early on in the BS in Chemistry program. Faculty members incorporate real-world data in the classroom, giving students a crucial combination of research and laboratory skills.
  • Pre-Medical Studies - Undergraduates in the BS in Pre-Medical Studies take a broad range of science courses in preparation for medical school or a career in the health field. Our faculty takes a problem-based learning approach, while students get additional instruction from clinic experiences and preceptorships.