College of Life Sciences


Bachelor of Science


East Falls


On Campus


123 - 134


4 Years

With an innovative curriculum providing broad scientific study, the BS in Biology program allows undergraduates to explore their passions. Students receive hands-on instruction through field work in the Philadelphia area. Study abroad opportunities give students a global perspective.

Application Process & Deadlines

NOVEMBER 1 - Early Action
MARCH 1 - Regular Decision
JUNE 1 - Transfer Applicants

Application Requirements & Instructions

Program Overview

Become a biologist through hands-on practice, with the flexibility to gain field experience studying abroad anywhere in the world.

Customize your education to best suit your interests, whatever they may be.  You will learn how to inquire, research, hypothesize, experiment and analyze until the scientific method becomes second-nature. You will never be expected to simply memorize facts from a textbook – you will have to create your own experiments to evaluate scientific phenomena for yourself. 


  • Hands-on experience with the Scientific Method
  • Small classes allowing individual attention
  • Flexibility in academic pursuits
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Preparation for graduate school or science careers

At Jefferson, we overhaul your intellectual processes to transform you into a scientist.  You will jump in, explore and discover biology through hands-on experimentation – and use these discoveries to choose where you’d like to go next. And with classes of less than twenty students, you will have plenty of guidance along the way. 

As you become a biologist, you have the flexibility to pinpoint subjects that pique your scientific preference. You might even find yourself in another country, studying abroad somewhere like Jamaica, Spain or Ireland; or right around the corner, diving into projects at the Philadelphia Zoo. The adaptability of a Jefferson biology degree makes it possible for you to apply your education anywhere – be it in medical school, advanced biology research, or lab work.



Get hands-on experience, attend small classes, experience flexibility in academic pursuits, have the opportunity to study abroad, and prepare for graduate school or a career.