Jefferson Postdoctoral Association

Postdoctoral Scientific Editing & Reviewing Team

The Jefferson Postdoctoral Association (JPA) formed Postdoctoral Scientific Editing & Reviewing Team (PSERT( with support from the Jefferson Office of Professional Writing, Publishing, and Communication. PSERT aims to help Jefferson’s principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, and student communities with developing, reviewing, and editing scientific manuscripts (such as articles for journals, grants, thesis proposals, and MS or PhD theses).

Our Editors

All PSERT editors are Jefferson postdoctoral fellows from various scientific backgrounds. The editors have authored peer-reviewed publications, and they are technically trained and supervised by research writing experts at the Office for Professional Writing, Publishing, and Communication.

The PSERT Team
PSERT Editor-in-Chief - Ankit Rochani, PhD

PSERT is now accepting manuscripts for review

PSERT is looking for manuscripts at all stages, especially those from Jefferson graduate students and postdocs who are new to writing manuscripts and would like someone to review their drafts before submitting them to their PI. We hope that this editing service will reduce the number of times a manuscript goes back and forth between trainee and PI.

To submit a manuscript E-mail us at and provide the following documents/information:

  • Fill out the Manuscript Submission Form (download below) and attach it to your e-mail. Please note we will not review any manuscripts without the completed form
  • Attach the Manuscript to be edited/reviewed with keywords, all figures, tables, and any additional supplementary material.
  • Indicate the type of manuscript you are submitting: Review, Original Research, Letter to Editor, Abstract, Thesis, etc.
  • Include any specific journal policies, including the name and submission format of that particular journal.
  • Ensure that all the references mentioned in the reference list are cited in the text, and vice versa.
  • Add any special instructions or notes to the PSERT editors.

Want to volunteer as a PSERT editor and help review manuscripts for clarity and grammatical correctness? Join the PSERT team!

Who can join?

  • Postdocs who are interested in learning more about editing and writing. Training is provided and is required for all incoming editors.
  • Senior PhD and MD/PhD graduate students are eligible to join as junior editors. Training is provided and required for junior editors as well.

Required Training for Editors: Three Editing and Reviewing Workshops, one hour long each, offered several times a year by the Office of Professional Writing, Publishing and Communication at TJU. The workshops will help you learn peer editing for conciseness and grammatical accuracy of the submitted content, and help you develop your own writing skills.  

Time commitment: Three hours of initial training, two edits per year minimum.
Note: Your PI must approve your involvement (download the PI consent form below)

To join: E-mail Editor-in-Chief, Ankit Rochani (, to inquire about volunteer editor positions and upcoming training dates.

Who will be reviewing/editing my manuscript? As soon as we receive your manuscript, the Editor-in-Chief will assign your paper to two reviewers after making sure there is no conflict of interest. Once the criteria are met, the names of those two reviewers will be sent to you by email. PSERT will be practicing an open peer review process.  

How is the process going to work? The Editor-in-Chief will assign submissions to two reviewers who will review the work in a roundtable setting with guidance from an experienced editor. Authors will receive written commentary and feedback. 

How long will I have to wait to hear back from PSERT on my manuscript? Since we are editing the manuscript for English usage, content, conciseness, and correctness, we anticipate the turnaround time to be less than seven days from the day of submission.  

How do I make sure my research findings are protected? Each editor of your manuscript will sign a Confidentiality Statement which states that “the editors pledge not to use knowledge of the work to further their own interests”.

Questions? Contact PSERT Editor-in-Chief Ankit Rochani at