Exercise Science to Doctor of Occupational Therapy (3+3)


  • Center City Campus
  • East Falls Campus
  • College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Degree Earned

  • Doctorate

Program Length

6 years

Program Type

  • On Campus

Term Start



Name: Stephen Thomas, PhD, ATC
  • Chair
  • Associate Professor
Position: Department of Exercise Science

4201 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Telephone: 215-951-2657


Telephone: 215-951-2800


This six year (3+3) accelerated early assurance program affords students the opportunity to complete undergraduate coursework in the natural and physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences to meet program prerequisites and general education hallmarks. These courses provide a solid foundation in critical thinking, communication, and writing. Students meeting all program prerequisites and academic standards will progress into the professional phase of the program. (Students who do not meet these requirements will be eligible to complete a four year BS degree in exercise science).      

Total for U1-U3: 105 credits
Total for Hallmarks: 40 credits

Course Title Credits Hallmarks
Pathways Seminar 1 X
Writing Seminar I: Written Communication 3 X
Debating U.S. Issues 3 X
Chemistry I Lecture 3  
Chemistry I Lab 1  
Quantitative Reasoning: Pre-calculus or higher 3 X
Introduction to Psychology 3  
Semester Credits 17  

Course Title Credits Hallmarks
Orientation: Professional Issues I 1  
Writing Seminar II: Multimedia Communication 3 X
Developmental Psychology 3  
Chemistry II Lecture 3  
Chemistry II Lab 1  
Biology Lecture 3 X
Biology I Lab 1 X
Concentration coursework 3  
Semester Credits 18  

Course Title Credits Hallmarks
Concentration coursework 3  
Global Diversity (Incl world languages) 3 X
Physics I Lecture 3 X
Physics I Lab 1 X
Statistics 3  
Genetics Lecture 3  
Genetics Lab 1  
Semester Credits 17  

Course Title Credits Hallmarks
Concentration coursework 3  
Global Citizenship (Incl world languages) 3 X
Ethics 3 X
American Diversity 3 X
Physics II Lecture 3  
Physics II Lab 1  
Exercise Physiology 3  
Semester Credits 19  

Course Title Credits Hallmarks
Orientation: Professional Issues II 1  
Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture 3  
Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1  
Debating Global Issues 3 X
Health Behavior Theory & Practice 3  
Nutrition (for fitness) 3  
Safety, First Aid & Injury Prevention 3  
Semester Credits 17  

Course Title Credits Hallmarks
Anatomy & Physiology II Lecture 3  
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 1  
Internship 3  
Concentration coursework 3  
Integrative Seminar 3 X
Capstone Folio 4 X
Semester Credits 17  

Year 4 - Undergraduate BS in Exercise Science

Students entering the professional phase of the AT, OT, or PT program will accrue an additional 40+ credits to meet BS degree requirements. Student progressing on to BS completion would complete the following:

    Course Title Credits
JCRS XXX Kinesiology 3
JCRS XXX Entrepreneurship & Leadership 3
JCRS XXX Elective 3
JCRS XXX Exercise Prescription 3
JCRS XX Fitness Assessment 3
Semester Credits 15

    Course Title Credits
JCRS XXX Exercise for Special Populations 3
JCRS XXX Elective 3
JCRS XXX Elective 3
JCRS XXX Internship 6
Semester Credits 15
Total Credits 135

Year 4 - DPT

    Course Title Credits
PT 503 Human Anatomy 3
PT 504 Human Anatomy Laboratory 3
PT 527 Critical Inquiry I 3
PT 534 PT Issues: Intro to the Profession 1
PT 536 PT Issues: The Language of Practice 1
Semester Credits 11

    Course Title Credits
PT 506 Biomechanics and Kinesiology 4
PT 516 Neuroscience 3
PT 533 Introduction to Physical Therapy Examination 5
PT 538 PT Practice Issues: Psychosocial Aspects of PT & PTs as Teachers and Learners 2
PT 539 PT Practice Issues: Clinical Decision Making 1
PT 545 Integrated Clinical Experience (ICE) I 1
Semester Credits 16

    Course Title Credits
PT 513 Pathophysiology I 3
PT 518 Physical Therapy Practice and the Movement System 2
PT 546 Integrated Clinical Experience (ICE) II 1
PT 553 Biophysical Agents 3
PT 556

Therapeutic Interventions

PT 624 Critical Inquiry II 2
Semester Credits 14
Total Credits 146