Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate, Online


  • College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Degree Earned

  • Doctorate

Program Length


Program Type

  • Online

New Tuition Rates

Introducing an exciting update: Jefferson University's Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate program has revised tuition rates for the Fall Semester of 2024, making advanced education more accessible and affordable than ever.

Our 100% online Post-Professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (PP-OTD) provides occupational therapists with advanced knowledge and skills to enhance their current practice in an evidence-based manner. The program prepares them to innovate and lead in traditional and emerging areas of occupational therapy and beyond through a customized plan of study and dual-degree opportunities. It also develops scholarship and program development skills with clinical, leadership, entrepreneurship, and academic applications. ​

Our world-renowned faculty aims to create opportunities for occupational therapists in the United States and abroad, to engage in rigorous knowledge acquisition with real-life applications to their current or anticipated professional roles, to see themselves as leaders, and to have a substantial impact on the profession

After completing the program, our students have enhanced knowledge and skills to take on many different roles and even create new arenas of practice. Our graduates further advance occupational therapy theory and practice by integrating knowledge from various fields, such as occupational science, business, management, leadership, epidemiology, rehabilitation, public health, and neuroscience, to respond to the current and future needs of individuals, organizations, and populations. The affordable program combines rigor, flexibility, and individualized mentorship to achieve these outcomes.​

The PP-OTD Program recognizes the inherent value of diversity in human experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. Our program is committed to creating an inclusive and culturally sensitive learning environment that values and respects the diverse identities of our faculty, students, clients, and communities. By promoting diversity and equity, we aim to address disparities in access to and participation in occupations, ensuring that all humans can fully engage in and benefit from the transformative power of occupational therapy.