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Name: Lori Berryman
Position: Residency Program Coordinator
Organization: Department of Emergency Medicine

1020 Sansom Street
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Visiting Resident Elective in Telemedicine

As healthcare strives to connect an expanding pool of patients to their health care providers Telehealth is poised for massive growth. Thomas Jefferson University is leading the nation’s adoption of telehealth with expansion in four key domains: outpatient care, transitions in care, inpatient care, and academic research. To further the reach of these unique programs, the Department of Emergency Medicine offers an elective month for visiting residents.

Course Description

Visiting residents will be immersed in a multifaceted experience to expose, educate, and train them on the delivery and utility of telehealth in patient care. This elective will include practice in telehealth care delivery with patients and immersion in telehealth research opportunities. The residents will be presented with continuous and asynchronous self-directed learning opportunities throughout the elective.

The goal of the telehealth elective is to introduce residents to the broad applications of telehealth in patient care (i.e., on-demand acute, unscheduled care; scheduled visits; and patient follow-up visits). A major focus will be placed on developing both the clinical and non-clinical skills that are essential to telehealth delivery, such as the telehealth physical exam, virtual doctor-patient communication, and troubleshooting technology challenges. Additionally, residents will be expected to effectively evaluate health technologies being introduced and whether they find it worth implementing into a health care system. They will have the opportunity to participate in various innovation and design thinking labs, attend business strategy meetings and engage with the innovation team.

Course Outline

Orientation: At the beginning of the elective, residents will be given an introductory orientation providing an overview of Jefferson’s telehealth program (JeffConnect). In addition, based on resident’s particular interest, they will be counseled on a research project to be completed by end of rotation.

Practical experience: Residents are encouraged to observe and participate in as many telehealth calls as possible during the rotation. Prior to initiating calls with actual patients, they will be given a test visit to demonstrate the use of Telehealth.  Residents will keep a log of all actual patient cases that will not include patient identifying information. They will be expected to assess the quality of care and communications in the ED and provide effective peer feedback. Residents will also have the opportunity to sit in on administrative meetings related to the telehealth program as determined by faculty leads on an ad hoc basis. They are also invited to explore Jefferson’s other innovation programs as their schedule permits.

Research:  Residents will be required to submit a paper/presentation by the end of their rotation on a topic relevant to their interest as well as the rotation. This time commitment, responsibilities, and topic may vary. Residents are expected to discuss project plans with faculty lead to ensure a beneficial and worthwhile experience.


Participation approval of residents from accredited residency programs requires an application and all supportive documentation to be completed at least 60 days prior to proposed start date. It must include:

  • Completed GME application
  • Copy of training license
  • Proof of malpractice insurance/letter from program director stating that salary, benefits and malpractice will be covered during the dates of your rotation
  • Letter from Program director stating that you are approved for this rotation

Please contact Lori Berryman for application. Please direct any questions regarding the rotation to Dr. Naples.