Academic Programs

Emergency Medicine Residency

In the training of current and future physicians, we strive for excellence in teaching the practice of emergency medicine. Our goal is to develop skilled and compassionate emergency physicians through our residency program. The program is academically based and is designed to provide a well-balanced educational training experience that fulfills the special requirements established by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

Fellowship Programs

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital has a quarter of a century track record of providing top quality education to medical students, residents, and faculty. In 2011, we instituted two new fellowship training programs in International Emergency Medicine and Ultrasound.  These programs are offered to graduates of ACGME-approved Emergency Medicine residency programs. 

  • Ultrasound Fellowship - The educational goals of this fellowship begin with competence in all core applications of emergency ultrasound.
  • Medical Education Fellowship - This one-year fellowship is for graduating emergency medicine residents, geared for residents seeking advanced training in pedagogy and learning theory; instructional design; medical simulation; and patient safety and clinical quality. The goal is to prepare the fellow for a career as an educational leader in academic emergency medicine.
  • Telehealth Leadership Fellowship - Offered as either a one- or two-year program, Thomas Jefferson University is leading the nation’s adoption of telehealth with expansion in four key domains: outpatient care, transitions in care, inpatient care. Fellows will graduate as both telehealth researchers and program leaders.

Undergraduate Medical Education

The Emergency Medicine / Advanced Clinical Skills (EM/ACS) Clerkship is a mandatory rotation for all fourth year medical students at the Thomas Jefferson Medical College.  The clerkship is 4 weeks long and is offered 11 times throughout the academic year. Students rotating in the Emergency Department are expected to become a part of a complex team that provides the highest quality emergency health care to all our visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Approximately 24 Jefferson Medical Students will participate in each four-week clerkship.