Faculty & Staff


Our faculty and administration/staff work seamlessly to provide you with an educational experience of the highest quality.


Administration personnel are located in the
Thompson Building, Suite 239, 1020 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.

Celeste Bradley
Assistant to the Chair
Contact Celeste Bradley | 215-955-5105

Tim Sullivan, MHA, FACHE
Contact Tim Sullivan |  215-955-6429

Ryan Pauline
Business Manager
Contact Ryan Pauline | 215-955-3921

Nicole Renzi
Clinical Research Nurse
Contact Nicole Renzi | 215-955-2471

Lori Berryman
Residency Program Coordinator
Contact Lori Berryman | 215-955-9837

Steven Bulizzi
Medical Student, Education Coordinator
Contact Steven Bulizzi | 215-955-7852

Michael J Matonti
Administrative Coordinator
Contact Michael J Matonti | 215-503-5591

Valerie Bass
Administrative Assistant
Contact Valerie Bass | 215-955-9579

Renee Kent
Administrative Secretary
Contact Renee Kent | 215-955-6844